Back in a flash!

Back 11/24/14

Headed back to Oweegeen today!  I should be there by the end of this week so I’m aiming to get things up and running again by Monday of next week.  Worst case scenario the pass is icy and I end up in a smoking heap at the bottom of the mountain.  In that case I’ll see you hell Dannyboy!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!! PS: ... Read More »

Steam Early Access: Deconstructed

What to do if you've got more money than sense

Previously I’ve spoken about the issues that have been cropping up with Steam greenlit/early access titles; namely the lack of motivation they have to push forward after making it big selling a half finished product.  DayZ is probably the biggest offender here as it claims to still be in Alpha stages but looks to pull in close to $100 million ... Read More »

The dream is real!

friendship power!

We’ve been going at it for around ~3 weeks now full time (ish).  I couldn’t be more excited with the way things are progressing.  It feels so good to see people come in and compliment the streamers and  chat on the novel concept of people carrying on conversations and trading gamer tags.  I love seeing people swap tags and get together both during ... Read More »