The dream is real!

friendship power!

We’ve been going at it for around ~3 weeks now full time (ish).  I couldn’t be more excited with the way things are progressing.  It feels so good to see people come in and compliment the streamers and  chat on the novel concept of people carrying on conversations and trading gamer tags.  I love seeing people swap tags and get together both during ... Read More »

Nummer’s in October


Thanks to the heads up from a handful of streamers, I wanted to let you guys know about a few titles with some great potential that are coming up right around the corner.  I’ll be purchasing and putting all of these games through their paces via Twitch so if you’re not sure one of these titles is for you, come and check ... Read More »

Bloodborne Alpha

MRW when noticing  BB Alpha

Rumors are amiss regarding a Bloodborne Alpha.  At the moment it’s only eligible to European gamers but I signed up anyway just in case they forget which continent goes where.  That said, if I do hear anything about a North American beta you guys will be the first to know.  After I get in of course. Read More »

Vote em up, Swap em out!

what a great selection of gamertags

No doubt we have a few gremlins in the system to work out with regards to PS4 console streaming.  In case anyone is wondering, the new Elgato HD60 capture card has some major audio and video desync issues that Elgato has recognized but has yet to patch.  As of the moment the go to capture card for console streaming appears ... Read More »

Memories for sale


I’ll never forget what I was doing when 911 occurred.  At the time I had just placed the first call to a girl whom I would eventually start dating (hell of a first impression).  I sat down in our upstairs living room and turned on the TV as I chatted with her.  Bizarre news reports started filtering in talking about ... Read More »