Still Alive! DayZ food for thought


 I was browsing the interwebs today as I’m regularly wont to do and stumbled upon this kickstarter that’s a 2D side-scrolling open-world sandbox-style survival/horror game!  A big chunk of what initially caught my attention was the games focus on matches; 30 minute matches that is.  Everyone starts off with the goal of finding a cure.  If you don’t find a ... Read More »

Dark Souls II 1.03 patch


I’ve included the patch notes and details inside.  IMO the most useful update to come out of the patch is the potential upgrade of the bonfire and start menu.  I’m hoping speed and accessibility is part of that as they seem to take unnecessarily long.  While we’re at it I wouldn’t mind moving Emerald Herald’s ability to level you up ... Read More »

Dark Souls II First Impressions


It’s been about a week or so since Dark Souls II dropped for PS3 and Xbox 360 and it’s about another month yet before it drops on the PC (boo).  I have several playthroughs going right now, the primary being a strength based build with about 45 hours invested.  My secondary playthrough is a pure caster int/dex and has around ... Read More »

All about Aiming


With the launch of Titanfall yesterday I thought it’d be a good time to drop a few aiming hints I’ve picked up over my years of PC gaming.  This will of course only be applying to mouse and keyboard gaming. With the resurgence of the PC market last year and the subsequent decline in console sales, I’m hoping that a ... Read More »

Beginner’s guide to Dark Souls


So there’s a good chance this may be the most redundant post I’ve ever written given the week and change before Dark Souls II comes out.  That said, as someone who came into the Dark Souls game late, it has been maddening attempting to figure out right from wrong, good from bad.  It’s great that there’s so much debate regarding ... Read More »

Dark Souls II Builds


With Dark Souls II dropping on March 11th, I thought it’d be great to throw something up where we could all share our prospective builds and speculations.  I haven’t done much research into the game myself, but it is a popular topic in most of the Dark Souls Livestreams.  From what I gather it sounds like dual wielding will be ... Read More »

A bone to pick with Rust!


Rust.  Another contender in the open-world, sandbox style of gaming.  With the popularity of DayZ, why not take a chance to create something that achieves a similar effect but actually works?  Rust does do a lot of things very well and really takes the idea of a crafting system and runs with it.  What could I possibly take issue with ... Read More »

Titanfall Beta Deconstructed


It’s hard to remember a time when a game has been more hyped.  For me, the closest thing I can think of is when the first of the new (old?) star wars movies came out, and you couldn’t take a piss without seeing a date for the movie release on the toilet seat.  What is Titanfall and what makes it ... Read More »