All aboard the QQ train

Releasing another PvP DayZ video today and I can’t wait to see another flame war start about how “killing people is bad”, “they have no honor”, and “it takes more skills to snipe at the AF”.

What a load of shit.

I’ll be throwing up a rabbit hole on Saturday most likely talking about why.


  1. We’re all tired of making castles with all the sand in their vaginas.


  2. I don’t think their panties can get anymore bunched up.


  3. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t kill someone. How does killing people not give them a semi chub? We will never know.


  4. Kill them. Kill them all.


  5. But… killing at the AF takes skill. It’s definitely not just a killing spree for whoever gets there first or server hops to kill whoever is already there. Skill I tell you… SKILL.


  6. They should make all pvp wild west or handkerchief duel style.

    And give the option for pillow fight only on a server if the above is still a little bit too scary.


  7. Illusive Man:
    Kill them. Kill them all.



  8. I kill everyone I see. Even people that say they have nothing and it would be worth it. BAM right in the mouth. I dont see why a game shouldnt be intended the way it is meant to be played. Every post apocalyptic game/movie has people that team up. And people that kill everything even people.


  9. Radial:
    I’d like to see something else than dayZ, pretty bored to those videos.

    Then don’t watch those and go to another channel


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