DayZ PvP and Downtime Discussion

Figured I’d throw this up on here so you guys can have an easier time with at length discussion (should the situation arise)


  1. Much of my frustration with this game has came from the incredible clunkiness of the game itself. The inventory system is a nightmare, ladders can be incredibly difficult to climb, and several other quirks have gotten me killed several times in combat.

    Why can I not shoot while moving? Yes, I realize it’s just the way the game is, but it never fails to frustrate me every single time I play the game. I’m not asking for a perfectly accurate shot. I just want to be able to shoot at the stupid zombie without stopping and letting him hit me or running a mile to the nearest open building. It also prevents me from seeking cover in a firefight as that is precious time wasted that I could be firing.

    The inability to strafe through doors is the other big one that immediately comes to mind. It’s very hard to flush a player out of a building. Even if you know exactly where the other player is, you have to walk through the door completely straight, stop, turn, and then you can fire. That’s ample time for anyone even remotely competent to drop you. Even if he had no idea which of the multiple entrances you were coming from, he has every advantage in the world by just sitting and waiting.

    That’s just my two cents from a lot of failure at attempted aggression in CQC.


  2. I don’t have a problem with PvP for the most part but its gotten to the point people should be playing some tdm variant on Arma 2 rather than DayZ.

    I personally would be in favour of adding some kind of random loot drop system on zed’s as it will move the game back towards a PvE post apocalyptic scenario with PvP elements rather than PvP with some zed’s around.

    The downtime in DayZ I feel is a necessary evil, to go from navigating your way about the map to an intense gunfight within a second is what gives this game the level of excitement no current game can compare to. While every other game out there is running on cruise control DayZ has your adrenalin flowing because the highs are so much higher and the lows are so much lower.


  3. nice video drj,

    its funny how people were saying shite like ‘this guys an idiot, its hackers that are ruining this game’, as if you were unaware of the hacking/scripting problems.

    whilst i dont agree with everything you said, i did get that you were addressing the issues regarding content meant to be in the game (and not hacked in crap).

    whilst i completely understand your points regarding the size of the maps, the spawns being a pain in the A and the best part of the game being player interaction, i think all those things as they are now, makes the game what it is.

    death is meant to be a bad thing, losing your gear, spawning with nothing away from where you want to be are all things that adds to the fear of dying. in my experience, its when players stop caring about dying and are happy to throw their life away for a pvp encounter is when the game fails (this is more prevalent now as legit users no longer have control on how they die due to hackers/scriptkiddies on every server)

    i dont think the game was ever meant to focus on pvp, it was a survival zombie mod with player interaction, it obviously became a pvp fest once the game became popular and the trolls crawled out from their rocks.

    the game needs to provide incentive for people to not always shoot on sight, yes there will always be murderous maniacs out there (ie youreself which is always a laugh to watch) but providing end game content/incentives/etc could bring back the ‘can i trust this guy’ mentality that used to be in the game.


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