Zombie Survival Guide (Re-imagined)

I know we already did this scenario once on the website already, but in order to push forward with it I had to revamp it a bit and throw it up on youtubes in order to get the ball rolling.  I can’t wait for the next scenario!

Previous article can be found here


  1. Love that this is back! A question I’ve always had with zombies… Zombies are always shown as in a state of decay, does that mean they are rotting? If so, would a valid strategy be to prepare to hole up to 2-3 years and wait for them to rot to the point of death? If so, I would be looking north and heading to northern Canada in the territories where the population is very low and the cold weather would deter other refugees…


  2. This solution is based off of the presumption that my character, like myself, has all or many of the skills related to an outdoor skills certification:

    I would load up my car with dry food and water. I would then go down to the local convenience store/thrift shop and buy a sleeping bag, pocket knife, matches, and if possible, a firearm with the money reserved for the apartment’s rent that month. The firearm is a convenience, it is not required yet.
    After I have all of my supplies I would head to the mountains with a few of the people I “hang out with from time to time” (as mentioned in the last article) with similar gear and skills. At this point We would set up a camp in the mountains around Mt. Hood, accessed via Oregon’s route 26. Our group would have one person at any given time watching the equipment and biding our time for more news.
    When/If bad news on the “zombies” came, we would retreat to this campsite for a few months, the most dangerous thing in the world at that point would be other human beings who are scared and desperate.
    Then we play the waiting game… To be continued when new conditions are given by Waldodude


  3. I would convince my gf that we should finally ask the hot neighbor girl if she wants some threesome action because who the fuck cares if we seem like weirdos anymore, its the fucking apocalypse. If that doesn’t work then I guess take a boat onto lake Erie and create a sort of water world type lifestyle. Looting and killing and selling people into the sex and slave trade. Be pirates of the sea raiding farms and calling the islands our home. I am good friends with a machine gun collector and I have a boat. Bring it on zombie scum!


  4. Well Given my past experiances in youth with camping and what not. I would stay in my appartment and gather all the food I could carry and camp out in the mountains where population is low when things get serious. That is assuming there aren’t resident evil dog or wolf zombies. I would make my dewlling somewhere on high ground but not noticible. Also I have had some Kendo training in college both at a dojo and club so instaid of using a gun and making noise I would use my wooden sword for protection if I have continued with that into this senario or I would try and make one. I also wouldn’t have to worry about ammo. As for food in the long term I would possibly by a book in preperation of what plants to eat, maybe try my hand at hunting and just make my self able to survive in the wilderness.


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