The real problem with DayZ Standalone Pt 3/3

It’s still DayZ.

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  1. Yea, not enough has been done. I am not sure what is going on. Shit the devs of CoD are cranking out games every two years. The DayZ devs have a similar situation, as they are able to use shit from the last game, but it feels like regular DayZ. I feel that much more could have been done in the time given.

    Laggy as shit. No fucking zombies. M4s up the ass. Same map… with just a few add-ons. But all that pales in comparison to how quickly end game is achieved. There is no incentive to make a base or make forts because you cant. Not even tents work. If you make it to Balota at a restart, you are done with the game. The only thing to do after is rape and pillage.

    But DayZ is still the only game that makes player v player situations intense as shit. It has that going for it at least.


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