A bone to pick with Rust!

rustRust.  Another contender in the open-world, sandbox style of gaming.  With the popularity of DayZ, why not take a chance to create something that achieves a similar effect but actually works?  Rust does do a lot of things very well and really takes the idea of a crafting system and runs with it.  What could I possibly take issue with then?  Well I’m glad you asked..

First off, y last post was pretty lengthy so I’m going to try and stick to the points here and make this one a bit more brief.  MEAT AND POTATOES ONLY!

Your first exposure to Rust will most likely be overwhelming and you’ll be giddy with the possibilities for future exploration and base setup.  Allow me to save you some time because your subsequent exposures wont quite add up to the initial experience.  Essentially the games lack of end-game content combined with a host of building glitches/exploits mashed together with naked body zerg rushing kind of kill it.

I think my premier point/bone to pick with rust involves the minimal consequences associated with dying.  The massive selling point to DayZ was that everything you have can be lost in an instant.  Everything you own, and everything you do impacts whether or not you live to see another day.  Rust starts off with that idea but it quickly graduates to something else altogether, and that something else unfortunately lacks negative consequences.

Becoming established in Rust can take longer or shorter amounts of time that varies on the server population.  On our server which was running somewhere around 40-50+ people, a server wipe set the average Rust player back around an hour or two to get a functional and well guarded base setup with a decent surplus of supplies.  Essentially after you pass the critical cave man phase and graduate to a house with walls, you’ve already passed up 90% of the risk associated with playing the game.  Because all of your goods can be locked away somewhere, there is virtually zero risk of going out and exploring.  The preferred method here consists of running out naked or in little to no clothing with no supplies other than the basics to gather materials.  Should you die it’s not big deal.  Respawn at base and try again.

Rust attempts to counter this via the system of breaking into houses with C4.  Great idea, shitty implementation.  As it stands right now, the best way to defend against this is to build 238472937429374 doors in your house thus preventing would be attackers to give up and go home because it simply isn’t cost effective to build 50 C4 to capture some basic guns and materials that they already have access to.  They could have easily spent the same mats and built those materials themselves without the risk of breaking and entering.

Because it can be so difficult to raid a base, it’s far easiest to simply troll the shit out of someone and blow off half a dozen doors and replace them with your own.  You can’t get to their loot but now neither can they.  Nor can they get out of their own base.  Whether or not your base is impregnable is besides the point, anyone and everyone can be massively trolled and definitely helped to implode our own server.

Similar to the point above, there are a variety of ways to either troll someone or enter bases via exploits and glitches.  Whether it’s stacking items on top of each other that clearly were not meant to be stacked, or just running up and building materials on top of someone else’s base, it ruins the fun associated with creating a base in the first place.  Instead of designing something aesthetically pleasing or with an emphasis on warding off intruders, I’m throwing down 2342342342 pillars and creating 234234234 extra walls and doors in the hopes that someone takes one look at the never ending labyrinth that is my base and decides to try somewhere else.  Unfortunately it now takes 15 minutes to enter or exit.

Rust is clearly a game with a massive amount of potential and it clearly states the game is in Alpha stage.  However, when a company pulls in ~$25 million in the first 30 days and continues to maintain a strong spot on the Steam Top Seller list, it’s no longer sitting in the same Indie/Budget Gaming category with titles that have a few thousand copies sold.


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