The dream is real!

friendship power!

friendship power!

We’ve been going at it for around ~3 weeks now full time (ish).  I couldn’t be more excited with the way things are progressing.  It feels so good to see people come in and compliment the streamers and  chat on the novel concept of people carrying on conversations and trading gamer tags.  I love seeing people swap tags and get together both during and after the streams.  When it does happen I feel like I’m that much closer to reaching this utopian culture centered around discourse hungry gamers and maybe it’s not that goofy of an idea after all.  It’s way too early to tell how the chips are going to fall but through friendship anything is possible…

I loathe logistics and I knew when I was getting into this that I’d have to take things slow as not become overwhelmed and just say pffft to the whole thing.  Before I even launched the full-time deal I had Butterqup crafting channel artwork and thumbnails for youtube, facebook, twitter, and twitch in order to make it look at least somewhat professional.  Having not streamed in quite some time, I knew I was in for all sorts of goofy trial and error with OBS but as it turns out my major issue was with the Elgato game capture 60 and massive sound delays.  Upgrading to 1920/1080 monitors from a 1680/1050 and a PS4 from a PS3 made my HD PVR redundant and caused screen tearing when attempting to utilize the native HD PVR2 built in software.  Such is life.

We learn and we move on.  Or quit and try something else I suppose.  But in this case I purchased the old school game capture HD (which I still haven’t had a chance to fully test yet but appears to work just fine).  My next task was/is figuring out a streaming schedule that both works for me and of course pleases my target audience (you).  What I’ve learned over the last few weeks is that streaming every moment of each day off is a lot of fun, but leaves my without enough time to complete basic functions such as updating the site, creating youtube content, reaching out to people like Shield Break and doing fun joint projects, etc.  This is really something that can only be dialed in via time and experience.  How much time I need every week outside of streaming depends on numerous variables, so pushing forward I’ll be leaving myself a bit more time to make sure I can get everything done.

Some of you may have noticed last week but I (finally) published the information for a pickypants TS3.  It’s located under the FAQ section along with a few other ways to get in touch with people such as the steam group and of course social media plugs.  I think it’s set to 25 players so if you guys start capping it out and need more feel free to let me know and I’ll increase it accordingly.  I realize that there are a million and one free TS3 channels but they often go up and down and frequently change.  Throwing up a dedicated TS3 hopefully makes it easier for you guys and gals to bookmark something and just hop in the right channel every time and avoid some hassle.  I’m still tinkering around with what to do with forums and whether or not people would use them.  Most decent forums are somewhat spendy and range from flat fees of ~$500 to monthly fees of up to $1000.  That said, I feel as though forums are something integral to the concept of creating a community and thus need to happen sooner or later.

I recently upgraded my hardware with the new GTX 970 and it performs beautifully with Shadows of Mordor running an average of 85 FPS.  The beefy ARMA III seems less affected and is supposedly a game that is more processor demanding than anything.  The idea of cracking open my case and ripping out my heatsink, old cpu, and cleaning off thermal paste residue and throwing on another CPU isn’t the most attractive of ideas.  Essentially I’m terrified that I’d break something and while my i7 2600k isn’t the best, the only game on the market that’s affected by it is the slow moving leviathan known as ARMA III.  Not to get off topic, but ARMA III is probably the greatest source of mod and game ideas on PC’s at the moment.  The engine is horrifically optimized but it lets people do nearly anything and I can only assume I’ll be doing more than one related rabbit hole video in the future.  Huge, huge potential and untapped resources here.

I’ve debated about picking up another cheap PC and essentially using that as my console crusher.  Due to multiple monitor setups, I can’t fit everything on one desk anymore and i have since added another desk (first world problems, I know).  I’d love to hold on for another couple years though and when I replace this PC I’ll use this one as a dedicated console streamer/recorder.  Anyway, I haven’t decided and at the moment it really doesn’t matter.  The 970 has given me all sorts of leeway I didn’t have before so for the moment it’s a moot point as long as everything continues to run well on the PC (with the exception of ARMA III).

I think my biggest hurdle is and probably always will be my internal struggle with selling myself.  I love where I’m at right and I love the base and culture we’ve created/are creating.  We have a great core that will show up and party on a moment’s notice.  However, as much as I enjoy it, I know that in order to live and thrive it has to grow.  Despite knowing this, my fear of turning into a sellout phony hack is so strong that my behavior is analogous to shooting myself in the proverbial (and digital) foot.  I could be the worlds most talented/hilarious/skilled/consistent/brilliant gamer, but at this point in the game it’s just not enough.  I know there’s a million ways to promote yourself and not all of them are created equal, but I do not want to give people the impression that I’m anything but legit passionate for what I’m trying to do.  More importantly, I don’t want my core of loyal subscribers/followers to feel betrayed if I were to take steps to reach out to a larger audience.

If I were a subscriber I’d love to celebrate the channel hitting a new landmark at (insert subscriber amount here) or (insert view count here).  Having channel euphemisms, rituals, and landmarks is what unites people and helps them feel like they’re a part of something.  For fucks sake, I’m trying to grow a damned community here, this should be channel etiquette 101.  I really, really want this community to succeed and I can’t do it without a positive influx of newcomers.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what you guys feel comfortable with and what might be pushing your boundaries of “woah, that dudes a sellout”.  For some perspective, if things did start blowing up and the feel of our channel was moving too far away, I have no problems pruning wherever necessary.  I think our current moderators are doing a great job at separating the wheat from the chaff and there’s no other channel I’ve seen that has great dialogue with so few rules and streamer fucking.  Ugh, nothing worse than a streamer who cultivates a culture around stream fucking their overlord.

Anyway, let me know what you think and I’ll respond in kind.

– Waldo D Dude.


  1. Waldo, I’m not sure if I’m speaking for everyone here but I’ll be much more happy to see you successful with a large audience than sad to not be a part of a small close knit group. I’m down to support you with whatever you end up doing.
    And on that note, I think you’ve hit a potential gold mine with the Royale mod. I think if you were to start uploading stream highlights onto YouTube you would get more of your subscribers to become active as well as gaining new ones.
    Best of luck friend.

    Nude Boys of Justice Forever


  2. Sounds like you basically don’t want to become Bruce. I have faith in you to stay grounded and not turn into an annoying, chippy person that screams at every thing, though Waldo screams are accepted. I don’t know if you’ll be having donations or not but it seems like a bit of a hard decision on whether or not to have the pop ups on screen when you’re streaming, obviously it gives people more incentive to donate while at the same time can get annoying, especially when people start donating $2 just to have you read their name/message and you need to pause the stream every 2-5 minutes. Maybe make it so they can’t type a message and have the donations show up off-screen and just say “thanks such and such for the donation, really appreciate it” and for the love of God, no sub hype… I fucking hate the word hype now.

    As for forums, for that price, it really doesn’t seem worth it yet. I mean, average comments on an article is about 10, you can argue that you pull about 150-300 viewers a stream but even then for $500-$1000 a month, it doesn’t seem worth it when a lot of viewers can either hook up in stream, post their tags on here and now join the Team Speak server. Maybe once you grow a little bit, but I guess it’s your decision.

    I was watching a ME2 VOD the other day and, while I’ll watch you play anything, I thought to myself “Is he wasting his time?” Playing a slightly older game that most people on Twitch aren’t going to watch. You could stream Destiny (I’m not sure how popular Arma 3 is), yes I know it’s boring to watch, get’s repetitive and most of stream doesn’t like it, but you run the chance of pulling in new viewers/followers by playing a new game that’s quite popular, course then some people will take that as selling out, it is quite the pickle and I’m not even sure if you like the game. I know you’re picky, I’m picky too and I really don’t like the game, so, if you don’t stream then I understand. When Advanced Warfare comes out, I think you mentioned you’ll be streaming that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see stream viewer counts go up, just look at the DayZ streams pulling 1,000+.

    Hope I didn’t come off as too asshole-ish and snobby, just trying to give some constructive criticism and some guidelines for what I would like to see, God that sounds snobby… I’m trying not to be and I’m sure there’s people in stream that would agree with me.


  3. I personally think that you are the most entertaining person on YouTube/Twitch, and as long as you keep with your ways and not turn into Xcal you will do just fine. I agree with William, you should either post more highlights on YouTube or create a separate YouTube channel as a Twitch dump (You would make many more audience members if you posted Mordor because it is new). YouTube is and will probably remain the main site for acquiring followers, as shitty as that is. Games that you have fun with is what you should play, people will come either way regardless if it is not their cup of tea (I personally though Dark Souls I/II was a cluster fuck of blah, but watching you play was fun). I have been here since Borderlands 1 and it has been all good times (sans the 11 month hiatus… that was not cool… I still have Vietnam style flashbacks of the boredom). Keep up the same good work… they will come… it also helps you are now within a consistent schedule.

    CPU: Intel Core i7-5930K
    GPU: EVGA GTX 980 4GB
    RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4-2666


  4. -The highlights idea is great because it keeps the people that couldn’t make the stream informed and it creates a link between your YT and Twitch channel; a community. On top of YT, you could post the ARMA highlights to reddit too. Viewer count would only go up and unlike DayZ you won’t get any flack.
    -No sub/donation sound effects as it kills the game atmosphere, especially SP games.
    -No hype.
    -Keep embracing the shit we give you on stream.
    -Keep getting drunk
    -Keep slaying Durr.

    Bit too early for forums. I’d say consider that when you’re consistently hitting 1k viewers.

    Most if not all of this you already know so consider it a refresher 😀


  5. “Ugh, nothing worse than a streamer who cultivates a culture around stream fucking their overlord.”


    I think you are doing a lot of things right already. Growth doesn’t come over night. You just have to keep going and be consistent about delivering content and then people will come to your channel/stream.

    … and if that doesn’t work just do giveaways of items that your fans gave you.


  6. You could always use a subreddit instead of a forum


  7. Is the whole YT copyright bullshit still around? Because I definitely agree with everyone else here that YT would be the way to go to increase the community size since it doesn’t have the time zone issues of streaming and the YT player works well compared to twitch’s aka buffer city.

    I think streaming/uploading content from new games would also help you a lot, but would go about it in a way that you are still playing the games that YOU generally want to play, not what everyone else is “hyped” about. To be honest, I think selling out would be pretty hard as long as you have places for community discussion such as this website. As long as you interact with the discussion I think you’ll be fine, as it shows that you genuinely care about the community and aren’t ditching your followers for the cash or acting as an “overlord” who doesn’t pay attention to the community as long he can benefit from them. I also believe that the freedom of speech in the stream chats is great, it’s no fun if a community is set to all these rules that restrict growth and discussion.


  8. Samwich:
    Is the whole YT copyright bullshit still around? Because I definitely agree with everyone else here that YT would be the way to go to increase the community size since it doesn’t have the time zone issues of streaming and the YT player works well compared to twitch’s aka buffer city.

    Youtube stream chat possibilities are horrible compared to Twitch, so that’s not a good alternative if community building is your goal. Subreddit should be fine yea as a temporary forum.

    If building a community is your goal, then most of your streaming should be playing with others, either casually (hueheuheuheuhue look at us dicking around in this game) or more serious (figuring out a new game together for example). Great way of viewer interaction instead of the cam-(without-cam)-whore approach of sub goals and donation spam shit, and I think people will stick together if they had a great time on your stream. I wouldn’t actively promote donations or subs on stream, because that’s highly annoying + it makes creating highlights for Youtube a lot harder if in the middle of something cool crappy donation shit pops up. Just leave that in the discription and do maybe a special stream if you get to certain level of subs. Subbing could give you access to some exclusive play-together-with-Waldo or even just the ability to chat in the stream (but thats for the times when you have a lot of viewers and all they do is spam crap).

    I don’t know what you want with the Youtube content though (if you still want to make youtube videos). I personally wouldn’t watch twitch VoD’s on there since they’re focussed on the audience that was actually there live. I would use Youtube for the more in depth and scripted video’s to ‘nitpick’ on games, with maybe an edited twitch highlight here and there for variation. And maybe some better orchestrated (as in not blind-what-the fuck-am-I-doing) let’s plays. And keep writing blogs/posts and such here. People still read that and a controversial but honest opinion here and there will get some attention.

    Or you could just stream Hearthstone, scream or be salty a lot on cam, or get Waldogirl on it, and get an ‘orgasm’ everytime someone subs or donates. ‘Kappa’


  9. Gundogan: Youtube stream chat possibilities are horrible compared to Twitch, so that’s not a good alternative if community building is your goal. Subreddit should be fine yea as a temporary forum.

    Yea I meant VODs for rabbit hole videos, highlights and possibly playthroughs that Waldo would play alone for whatever reason (like The Wolf Among Us). Don’t go anywhere near YT stream.


  10. Mr Counterparts had some good points. While your current stream may not like some of the new mainstream games, that is the correct way to grow your channel. Even though CoD isn’t as popular anymore, I suggest streaming that when it comes out, same goes for all new games that you absolutely don’t hate.

    Also I’m posting this with different email and from phone sine my comments wont appear on PC


  11. Obviouslyadouche

    I will reiterate what many others have said in the hopes of hammering in the point. Do not ever have anything up on screen,whether it be donations or subscribers, it completely ruins the atmosphere of the stream and forces you to acknowledge attention whores. That said, donations and subs aren’t a bad idea as long as they are implemented in a way that gives you reason to do either, but not just instant gratification bullshit. Also we need rabbit whole back.


  12. I don’t have enough time in my day to watch most of your streams, but as long as you’re the same old Waldodude, I’m not worried on the quality of your streams. Some people are talking about the quality of Bruce’s stream, but I find that his chat is getting worse and worse with all the “sub hype” etc.


  13. Well, concerning donations and subscriptions, I think you have to give them some kind of a shout out. Who cares if they’re just doing it for attention, everyone likes attention, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be thanked by the streamer for supporting him/her. Whether or not to put stuff on the screen is up to you, but most people definitely do like it, but I feel some kind of a shout out is necessary, even if it’s just saying their name and thanking them somehow. Then you also have stuff like sub sound notifications, and donation notifications, once again people seem to like this type of stuff and it definitely encourages more subs and donations. The problem is that everyone has different ideas of what a sellout or money whore is, and you’re not going to please everyone.

    Concerning which games to play, playing popular games is the sure fire way to increase in size. You can sell out all you want with fucking sub chains and face cams or whatever, but if you’re playing some 6 year old no name game to 200 people, no one’s gonna find your stream. Battle Royale is pretty popular (or Arma 3 technically), and I’ve seen a few new people say “first time in the stream hi guys,” or something along those lines while you’ve been playing this. Playing the new CoD day of release could be a good way also, and CoD is a good game to play with viewers I think also. If we all had the new CoD we could play whole 12 man games against each other in private lobbies or something, that sounds like fun imo.

    Anyways, for what it’s worth I really want to see your channel grow, and I trust that you’ll make good decisions regarding sub sounds or stuff like that in the future, and there’s always trial and error to figure out what works, I don’t think thanking people or reading their donation message is being a sell out, it seems douchey to completely ignore someone who wants to give you money cause they think your stream is fun. I also don’t see a problem with a small and subtle on screen pop up for new subs, maybe something that fades after a few seconds and doesn’t take up half the fucking screen (I’ve seen some channels where the sub notification literally covers the whole screen for 20 or so seconds. Also don’t flood the screen with bullshit, e.g
    Anyways, good day wally and I look forward to the next stream, we’ll figure all this shit together, it’s only a matter of time now. Nothing can stop us once we get the train rolling.


  14. When you get your sub button, you’re definitely going to have to do things outside of your comfort zone. For example, it would be ideal to shout out whoever subbed. Maybe even have some sort of a goofy image/sound that appears on screen that is just completely ridiculous. Doesn’t seem like something you’d be comfortable with, but it has to be done. The nude boys of justice can only survive for so long.


  15. My idea of a sellout is someone who changes themselves for the sake of making more money/ growing a channel. So long as when i click on a Waldo D Dude video and i hear the same goofy (sexy) laugh, and the always critical commentary, with the funny ass moments in-between, I don’t care what game your playing or if you have a billion subs.

    The only way i know to grow your channel would be to play those new, hyped games that everyone and their mom wants to see. While you may not want to play all of them (and not for very long) i don’t think you would have too. Just enough for someone to hop on the stream because your playing Game A, get a taste of your personality and love it then they stick around for Game Y and boom you’ve got yourself a new follower.

    Also time is gonna be a huge factor. I’ve watched a few streamers when they began with like 30 followers and a few months them be on the top of the list at any given time and they always attribute it to another streamer giving them a shout-out or just mentioning their name and they seem to blow up.

    But having watched you since the beginning i know that you will do the right thing and do what you feel is the best path moving forward.


  16. I have several points I’d like to make so let’s have fun bullet pointing.

    1. Jezro is a thousand percent right. I think we dislike the idea that we as viewers and consumers of content are like the mouth breathers that sub to hear something stupid and some dings. I think it is absolutely necessary and shows manners and courtesy to at the very least acknowledge the person and thank them. You don’t have to be a dancing monkey money whore in doing so. That can be your schtick.

    2. I think if you truly are buying the movement idea, then you need to not be the focus of it. You can be the godfather, the tyler durden of the movement but it has to be about the players and for the players. I’ve played with some supremely awesome people and hawkeye. I’m super happy with that.

    3. breaking point arma 3 mod how are you not playing this? You’d be creaming your jeans the mod in the hours I’ve played with krys and twinkie have been awesome, group function works. faction system. They really seem to have gotten a lot right.

    4. I don’t agree with you sort of selling out or playing popular games. If you aren’t happy playing what you’re playing it will absolutely show through and you’ll lose more people than you gain, remember people come and go for games your personality is what you’re selling. Fort instance, the long dark was pretty popular, the subs liked it, and it wasn’t some triple a title, and you’re creating space for yourself in an overcrowded market. You’re welcome for that suggestion by the way. I don’t agree with durr that long term you will be successful playing only the most played titles. I think you do what you love to do and people will find you and if you give a nod to indie games I suspect they will give you a nod back.

    There are two main reasons I watch you religiously. First, you take so much joy in what you’re doing that it reminds me that video games are about fun first. Secondly, you are a gaming every man. That’s a compliment, I watch you because I see a
    lot of myself in you. Keep being waldo the movement has already begun.


  17. Forgot to mention,

    Also, I think moving back and forth between YouTube and Twitch is a great way to grow yourself. Maybe posting highlights from a stream over to YouTube. And to make that process easier give mods the ability to highlight things from the streams if that’s possible. Maybe even taking whole rounds of Battle Royale and posting them to YouTube just to get some content over there would draw some people towards you. Many big-time streamers do this and it usually generates more subs/followers for them. And with the Wolf Among Us issue your having maybe stream the whole thing and post that to you tube so you can “double dip” so to speak.

    Anyway, i don’t think i will ever hear myself say WaldoDude sold out, so as long as you don’t change your core beliefs, morals, ethics, etc…. then your core subs and fans will be there for you.


  18. I can barely watch the stream, so please feed the youtube.


  19. Honestly wally, I’d watch anything you throw up provided that you are still your dildo self. I definitely do agree with the idea of posting more regularly on YouTube. It’s a lot easier for people who are new to watch snippets of you acting like a dildo to get a greater idea of who you are and what you bring to the audience when you stream. As for selling out and all that shit, it might be overstated but I think its crucial to get the balance between choking on a donator’s dick and just plain ignoring them. From the streams I watch regularly, the attitude and behaviour of the streamer definitely reflects on the chat which is another reason why I watch your stream compared to the mindless drones that scream “DUDUDUDU” or “sub hype” on a regular basis. I also think the timing of your stream is crucial. As a European/UK viewers, it’s impossible to watch your evening streams so hopefully you’ll take that into account cause watching VODs is nowhere near as fun as calling you a dildo live.

    Cheers for content and long may this shit continue.


  20. I think that you will definitely need to expand and sell out a little bit, there is no question that you will need to step out of your comfort zone. However I’m sure that the stream will make sure that you don’t get too out of control. YT needs to be integrated imo. First things first tho, expand to get that sub button, then things will get smoother for growing.


  21. I think your doing a great job waldodude and as a streamer you are personally my favorite because of your humour and personality. As the new year comes and more games are released I think we may do better with the whole hating popular games thing we have going.
    As far as growing the channel and community I would recommend working together with other streamers you enjoy. Try reaching out to youtubers and twitch streamers that you like and do some collab work. Not only will this help grow the channel but it will be really fun for the viewers as well. It be great to see you tackle some Co-op with other personnalities (including DB of course.)
    Finally, a great way to grow in popularity is to get behind I game you like before it becomes very big. You’ve done this before with Dayz and you can do it again with ShieldBreak. Especially because you have the rare opportunity to get into the developer level of the game and make some great content that way.
    All in all though waldodude, I’ve enjoyed every stream so far and will continue to do so. I’m there for your personality above all else, as long as that stays the same I won’t be bothered in the slightest. Working with other people can be really fun for everyone involved and I personally would love to see some co-op gameplay. Also, try to make some sweet developer content with ShieldBreak if you can. Discussing the production and development of a game as its being made is such a cool ability to have.
    Btw I’ve posted before just under the name “Pmister” but because you and everyone else knows me as delmn, I’ll post with it.


  22. Can’t wait for the channel to grow, it certainly has what it takes. No worries, we shall all spread your gospel to bring in new recruits to the Picky Pants Army /salute.

    Also, while I’m excited to see the forums return, not sure how reasonable it would be to do it right now. Not that many of us used to post to it before. Maybe once you get that coveted sub button, it would be a natural step?

    Beyond that, I agree with other people here, that while some of the more popular games might not be huge with the current audience; getting to new games on day one is pretty crucial to growing your viewer count. So to hell with it, play the new shit for a few days before switching back just to get people on the bandwagon. Just gotta get them in the channel the first time and they won’t wanna leave. @_@

    ps. If you end up needing any help with site graphics, animations or the likes, just ask the community Wally. I’m sure there are a bunch of us that have art/animation/graphic design/etc backgrounds that would be willing to help if you need help with stuff. Don’t pay for any of that easy shit if you don’t have to.

    ~ Rummycaek


  23. I agree with a lot of the ideas posted here already. One thing I will suggest is to have more open lobbies like you did with Black Ops, especially when Advanced Warfare and Hardline come out.


  24. I think you should stop being so lazy and get a real job. Like a nurse or something you worthless bum.


  25. i think totalbiscuit has it right, this is (hopefully) entertainment but at the end of the day it’s a also a business. you have to make money at it. so start taking donations & build toward getting a twitch sub button.

    as far as shit on the screen you need to acknowledge the donations & subs so a strip somewhere is fine imo. it doesnt pull one out of the moment any more than waldo stopping mid game to discuss whatever the fuck is on his mind right then (this doesnt bother me btw because first & foremost you need to be yourself, to me the sell outs are the ones who stop that). i think bruces stream is fine in this regard, you want to see a stream with an obnoxious amount of shit on the screen watch sacriel.

    as for cultivating a chill chat culture the best i’ve seen is sandy ravage. he is always chill & pretty much so is his chat. if someone gets out of hand he’ll calmly let them know that’s not how things work around there.

    people sure love to hate on bruce around here, i’m just going to say i think bruce is great. bruce, waldodude, ravage, & a few others are the only ones i dont tire of after a few minutes.


  26. Holy shit you guys blew this up. Thanks to everyone who took the time out to post, your aggregate opinions help me to form my own. I think most of you had it right when you said no matter what I’ll be heading out of the old comfort zone…

    Collabs need to happens, highlights are easily doable and I’ll play with secondary recording this week. Shouldn’t be much longer on new rabbit hole videos. My goal is to get one done before I leave on my scuba trip next week.

    All in all, great advice and thanks for chiming in. I appreciate being able to tap your repository of knowledge.


  27. Twin Sock Puppets

    Bruce isn’t a sell out people… come on now. Have we already forgotten the time when he uploaded what was pretty much a goodbye video because of the youtube copyright B.S.? It was either twitch or leave the business for him. Of course he did it, and of course people are hyped when he gets subs, who doesn’t want to see the person who provided them 5 years of quality content succeed. If he wanted to sell out he’d have hit a million subs years ago.

    Anyway, don’t worry about the sell out part Wally. I think there are two clear differences between you and the pewdiepies of the world that surprisingly hasn’t been mentioned yet: You have something to teach, and you’re actually good at games.


  28. Twin Sock Puppets

    Also consider collaboration with Cazwell.


  29. I’m probably going to reiterate a lot of what was said above, but so be it. I think that Subs and donator should be given some thanks. I don’t know if it necessarily needs to be sound bytes or on screen stuff. You could try something like making a list of the most recent subs at the start of the streams and donations at the end of the stream and have the list like scrolling down to what ever audio you prefer. Maybe have some moderators help you put that together while you stream. I personally don’t think you’ll sell out no matter how big of a following you get. As long as you’re acting like dildo d dude I don’t think it should matter to anyone what games you stream. For everyone who wants to be commemorated for showing their support before you got big maybe you could have some kind of forum or section where you’ll keep it open for a day or two, and then everyone who puts their name in, and then you will lock it, and the “Original community” will be able to keep in contact and chat, in the case that twitch chat becomes aids. That’s really all I have to add. hope it helps.


  30. Ydoc05:
    I’m probably going to reiterate a lot of what was said above, but so be it. I think that Subs and donator should be given some thanks. I don’t know if it necessarily needs to be sound bytes or on screen stuff. You could try something like making a list of the most recent subs at the start of the streams and donations at the end of the stream and have the list like scrolling down to what ever audio you prefer. Maybe have some moderators help you put that together while you stream. I personally don’t think you’ll sell out no matter how big of a following you get. As long as you’re acting like dildo d dude I don’t think it should matter to anyone what games you stream. For everyone who wants to be commemorated for showing their support before you got big maybe you could have some kind of forum or section where you’ll keep it open for a day or two, and then everyone who puts their name in, and then you will lock it, and the “Original community” will be able to keep in contact and chat, in the case that twitch chat becomes aids. That’s really all I have to add. hope it helps.

    Thanking someone for throwing money at you seems like the least I could do (if that were happening). I love the idea of somehow incorporating different sound bytes into the stream, but I’m not sure I want to necessarily do it the same way it’s always been done, that said, the current way of “hype” following subsequent sound is clearly a successful model.

    I’ve thought about doing something where instead of throwing donations randomly throughout the stream you could do it at the end and vote with your $ on which game is played next. Not quite as exciting though.

    It sounds like people like and enjoy the excitement of donations/sounds/subs but they don’t enjoy streams being interrupted. Personally I wouldn’t enjoy them being interrupted either, although as it is I try to go out of my way to welcome/goodbye/interact with people as much as possible so I don’t see thanking someone for subscribing/donating much different than what I’m doing now.

    That said, if I ever got to the point where hundreds of people were donating/subscribing every hour it might be a different story. I’d love to have that problem someday.


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