Why am I not surprised

The only thing more fun than playing video games is playing those same games with your friends. The friendly bantering, food fights, wrestling matches (stalemates have to be decided somehow), etc. It’s always frustrating to know that even when that next great game hits the shelf, you and your friend wont be able to play because alas, he owns a PC and you own a console, or you have a 360 and they have a PS3. Exclusives are a big selling point in the industry, but in the end it’s always the gamers that lose out on those types of deals. In a move that should surprise no one, EA just got real.

As some of you probably already know, EA launched its own online store last week called Origin.  If you’ve ever shopped before and chances are if you’re a human being in the US you probably have, you might have noticed that it’s easier to just keep your butt planted and let your fingers do the walking.  I haven’t bought a PC game in the stores for years and  purchase everything off of Steam.

Unfortunately though one of the distinguishable traits that makes Origin unique is some of their business techniques.  According to this article over at GameInformer, Origin has already started claiming exclusive titles and other services like Steam are pulling them from their digital storeshelves.

By itself this isn’t a huge deal, but in the grand scope of things when you consider where gaming has gone in the last 4-5 years this isn’t something that makes you want to throw a party and rejoice at the prospect of a return of the golden years.  We finally have the masses starting voice their concerns over the prospect of playing yet another CoD game, but as everyone knows BF3 has claimed to want to go head to head with CoD, and at least by my first impression of the game, it looks like theyre’ doing it via making themselves into CoD.



  1. While EA have published some very successful franchises (such as Battlefield) they need to get their grubby corporate paws out of this kind of shit. I don’t want a second Activision, whose once actually meant something, and have those two juggernauts duke it out in some stupid proprietary shit and some sort of political war that turns gaming into a reenactment of the writers strike where nobody wins and everyone loses. Exclusives are great for money and pushing your consumer base to one platform or another, but its going to hurt gaming even more, beyond that of being unable to play certain games with certain friends, this could turn into something much more serious down the line. Shut the shit down before it grows.


  2. Whose name*


  3. Imagine if BF3 DID beat MW3… Would EA invest twice as much money into BF4/BC3/battlefieldwhatever and end up with an even better game? Or would they mimic Activision and force out the same game with new graphics but added bullshit over and over?


  4. apparently “beating COD” means “making more money” ….. sigh.

    Why do I keep thinking eventually EA will “do it right.”


  5. I don’t think any game could beat out CoD. CoD already has a HUGE reputation amongst console gamers, and I know people that will buy MW3 on opening day and disregard reviews. People don’t want to be told games suck, especially “The Best Game Ever” because they are too loyal to the series.

    Look at WoW. Ever other MMORPG released on PC claims to be the next WoW killer, and it ends up flopping, because people are to loyal to the franchise.


  6. I think you have a valid point when you talk about gamers and their loyalty. If we somehow knew that game B was better than game A, I’d imagine you’d still have a large percentage of individuals desperately clinging to the idea that A is still the champion. In the MMO world I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. WoW is by far the easiest to use with the greatest amount of content, better support, and more balance than any other competitor. There has never been anything close.

    I’d love to see an MMO try to dethrone WoW, but I think it’s going to be hard to top until someone rolls out an MMO that utilizes more than a point and click interface. The first MMO to do that might be Blizzards unnamed and upcoming MMO.


  7. Too many cooks spoil the broth.


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