Avanost the Destroyer

If you’re here and reading this blog, chances are you’re aware that DA2 hasn’t exactly been receiving the greatest PR as of late.  If you’re not aware of that, you need to pull your head out of your ass ASAP.  As the result of some clever sleuthing from one GatoFiasco of Reddit, Bioware is facing yet another PR nightmare due to one of it’s employees, Chris Hoban, aka Avanost.

Avanost had the gall, the nerve, and the audacity…to post the highest rated critic review of DA2 on MetaCritic.  Take a moment to pull your socks back on and let that sink in.  A positive review of DA2.  Unthinkable.  Of course, everyone knew something was up when they actually read his review: “The immersion and combat of this game are unmatched! A truly moving and fun epic. Anything negative you’ll see about this game is an overreaction of personal preference. For what it is, it is flawlessly executed and endlessly entertaining”.

Malarkey, all of it.


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