What a fucking joke

BC2 on PC is set to receive a patch that addresses performance issues and hit registering.  Don’t make me laugh.  Walking into servers where everyone sits at 150-300 ping and being unable to spray assholes down with their back turned towards you is even worse than Dead Island’s fiasco of a launch.  The game has been out for how long and these issues have just sat there?  If I had to bet I’d put my wages on this not fixing dick, but instead being a PR move due to BF3 coming out in a few weeks.  What a bag of shit.


  1. As a 1000+ hours bc2 player i totally agree.

    BC2 has been my first bf game, coming from mw2 it seemed like heaven. right now its seems like one of my friends was right when he said:

    ‘its the worst bf game made so far, but still mostly fun to play’

    Its getting more and more frustrating tho, and it seems like the patches ruin as much as they improve stuff. Some of this shit shouldve been the first things to be patched. Oh well call me stupid i have higher expectations on bf3. You really changed my perspective when you talked about skill equalisers in fps. Hoping there will be less in BF3 then in BC2. Offtopic mostly lol anyway keep it up!


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