Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Date

That’s right, according to their website SWTOR will be released on Dec. 20 2011 for about the same price as WoW.  Each copy comes with 30 days of play time and after that in order to continue playing you need to pay a monthly subscription.

I’m pretty tempted to try this little bitty out to see what it feels like when you combine a mass effect styled storyline and dialogue into a MMORPG.  From what I’ve seen so far that’s really all that stands between SWTOR and WoW.  The combat looks pretty much identical with the same style of selecting your enemies and then mashing away at the buttons.

Either way I love the idea of some competition in the MMO market as it will hopefully light a fire under Blizz and cause them to work that much harder on their new and as of yet unnamed MMO.

One comment

  1. i used to be so excited for this game but it’s really coming out at a bad time (for me) …. i guess i can always play it next year

    no matter how much i hate mw3/bf3 i expect them to be super popular


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