Montage Time Nao!

I know most of you guys have probably seen it over at the youtubes, but if you haven’t I wanted to share it with you here.  This took around ~6 hours of work from start to finish.  That includes searching for footage, splicing everything in order, timing it all out, and of course overall editing.

Most of my large killstreaks (20+) definitely did not happen in 30 seconds so instead I tried to focus on teamplay elements, objectives, and of course trying to show scenes capitalizing on outsmarting vs outgunning.

I think my favorite scenes are probably at the very beginning and very end.  Dropping 5 guys in 1 room with a combination of my rifle, pistol, zig zag knife sprint, and finishing off the last guy with another gun I picked up really felt good.  I feel like it epitomizes the type of player I am because it’s extremely aggressive, fast, and rewarding.

The last scene was satisfying simply because he was outplayed.  I was being shot in the back and instead of running all the way around the map I simply ran out the corner and hesitated for half a second before feeding him a concussion grenade and taking a cleveland steamer on his chest.

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  1. Pretty god damn awsome! great job


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