BF3 Thoughts

For anyone in the demo please post your thoughts and experiences with it here.  So far I’m of the mindset that this game is essentially BC2.  I thought the CoD series was silly for more or less putting out the same game year after year, but BF3 really is BC2.  I really can’t tell the difference.  In all seriousness, I guarantee people will be getting BC2 and BF3 gameplay footage confused on youtube.

My biggest issues with the game thus far is probably with the engine (same issue I had with BC2).  It’s hard to put my finger on it, but the game just feels slow, clunky, and laggy.  I have a hard time shooting over a rock but other times I’m dying via getting shot through a 4 foot concrete pillar.  I might think I dodged a grenade by laying behind a slab of concrete but no, I’m still dead.  I can open up on a guy and hit him with 20 rounds and he keeps running but other times I kill someone with a single burst.  Oh, I should probably mention BF3 isn’t showing ping times in game (probably due to the same fucked up lag issues that BC2 had where everyone ran around with 150-300 pings in game).

I’m a bit shocked but overall absurdly disappointed.  I was really hoping this was going to be a revolutionary step forward in the genre, and instead we get a big shiny turd.  What a letdown.


  1. battlefield 3 rise of the bushwookie


  2. It is a Beta, so wired glitches will occur.


  3. I was quite disappointed while watching a bit of your livestream. It put me in quite a bad mood because I have been waiting for a revolutionary game to hit the market, maybe be the new benchmark for FPS’. No luck I guess. Now I assume a game like that will only appear on the next console, probably by a brand new developer (I think you’ve said both those points). I’m just waiting on Skyrim, hopefully it’s not shit and bethesda doesn’t shit all over it as well. I want a game I can play for hours on end again….


  4. I actually liked BC2, but I mostly played Conquest. When I saw you play I thought “wow 60$ down the drain” but as i thought more, I hoped that since today the open beta basically launched so EA just had server troubles and where not expecting the traffic they got (with the game and Origin) and I also thought that people are just camping because its rush and no one was used to the match. But no matter how much I think, since you have played the game and you know how it feels, i must agree with you. BC2 would have been a much harder camp fest with prone and now that it has that there is nothing really stopping the bullshit. I can only hope and pray that you just had a bad day with campers and that it wont be like that when the full game is released and that EA will get its shit together.


  5. i watched about 40 min of your stream and bruces at work – he seemed to be running around stomping game after game. (noob bashing?) He made the m4 look amazing.

    I asked a friend what he thought…

    He said amazing audio, lots of campers, you die too fast, support sucks

    Wingsofredemption said, snipers too strong, there is a spot where you can literally kill people in their respawn infinitely (nice) — also said the m16 is super good.


  6. What happened to the squad captain being the only person you could spawn on, I’m confused.
    Oh and they wanted to open the game up and make it accessible, so what do they do? They make the game fucking impossible to run, good work dice…


  7. That’s sucks, but I can’t say I would’ve expected it to be any different. I was kinda looking forward to it, but I watched Bruce play it for 30 minutes or so and now… eh, not so much. It doesn’t look really *bad* to me, just kinda… meh. I got my beta code (from buying that big bag of ass butter known as Medal of Honor) but I’m not all to eager to go download it. I guess BC2 and MW2 will each be getting an expansion pack soon.


  8. Ugh. I’d much rather the devs push the release date back a few months than shit a half-assed piece of re-packaged junk on us. This is really disappointing; I know a shit-ton of people that were looking forward to this game bringing something new to the table.

    And to those of you saying,”Don’t worry. It’s just the beta. They’ll fix everything,”: no, they probably won’t. For the most part, betas are games that have already been completed and shipped off to retailers. What you’re playing now is most likely what you’ll receive when you purchase the game. If any changes were to be made they would be minor ones changed through a patch.


  9. It was the first stream you guys did I couldn’t put myself to finish watching, if that says enough.
    So many prone campers.
    I didn’t think there would ever be more campers than CoD, but man oh man. People sure do love their prone.


  10. BF wanted to compete with COD. So they did the exact same thing and released a re-hash of a previous game in a limited amount of time. Forget the fan boy arguments and the COD vs. BF debate, because in my mind they both failed and are just milking money based on the popular success of previous games.


  11. Chris:
    It is a Beta, so wired glitches will occur.

    DRJ mentioned this in the stream multiple times, but realistically a beta comes out way before release date. Think back to Halo: Reach and GOW3 where betas were released in the summer, and the game was released in the Fall/Winter. This BF3 beta will only fix fairly minor issues as they do not have nearly enough time to actually change the main things with the release date of the game coming so soon.


  12. In my vid tomorrow I’ll highlight what passes for a killstreak in BF3. Basically it’s just toggling prone on and off and quickly sniping everyone. It takes little to no skill because they have no idea where I’m at and die before they can react. Pretty terrible.


  13. I think it depends on your teammates or rather, the other team. In a few games I’ve been shut down so hard we can barely get out of spawn and it feels like the moment you stand up you’re dead. Since the stream this morning I’ve definitely had my fair share of 10-15+ killstreaks but it all depends on where you’re at in the map and how decent the other team is.


  14. Yea it’s pretty telling that every death is caused by someone proned in the bushes somewhere. Half the time I’m right on top of someone and neither of us even know it because it’s so hard to see out of the bushes.


  15. Dino:
    Yea it’s pretty telling that every death is caused by someone proned in the bushes somewhere.Half the time I’m right on top of someone and neither of us even know it because it’s so hard to see out of the bushes.

    I saw a vid where a tree fell through a house – how happy will the campers be that they can sit in a bush and a second-storey window simultaneously?


  16. I think the two biggest issues with the beta currently are, Rush is a broken game type (particularly on PC with 32 players) and Operation Metro is a terrible map.

    Conquest is what Battlefield is all about, I’d say don’t be too disappointed yet, at least until you get to play Conquest.


  17. The game is garbage. I think every design decision they made was purely for the sake of increasing realism.


  18. BC2 with prone, and quicker kill times, which means approximately twelve times as much camping. Not the worst game I’ve played, but it’s pretty crappy.


  19. I’ve actually heard that this version of the game is not running the current state the have it at. From unreliable sources I’ve heard that the beta is from a version that they made a month ago, so they’ve probably fixed all of the map bugs and other big ones. For the engine issue, one of the developers said on twitter that the beta engine wasn’t the actual BF3 engine, it was a update to the Bad Company 2 engines. Don’t judge the game by the beta. I know people have said that numerous times, but really, don’t. I think they wanted to release the beta just to hype it up. They wouldn’t release a game with all of those extremely noticeable glitches. They would’ve have found those out during the first play test. Let’s not get to pessimistic.


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