Assassin Creed Creative Director aka THE DEVIL

Meet Alex Hutchinson, the lucky young man who has secured the Creative Director position for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III.  Apparently they wanted to take ACIII in a different direction than the last game so it only made sense to get some fresh blood into the mix.  What exactly was on his resume that stood out to bring this gentleman head and shoulders above the rest of his competition you ask?  He was the Lead Dev on Spore.

That’s right, and no you didn’t misunderstand me and no that wasn’t a typo.  They really thought that someone associated with the Spore franchise would be a good thing.

Spore, for all of you who have never played it, was admittedly a game with some incredibly lofty and ingenious ideas, however when it came time for implementation I can recall few moments in gaming history that I’ve been more shocked or disappointed.

The game was all about the evolution of your characters from single cell organisms to galactic and space-faring travelers.  The idea was that no two players would have the same overall character because each and every person would have designed something a little bit differently from birth.  Sounds great right?  WRONG.  It was ASS!

The first stage of the game was somewhat fun and probably the most successful out of the entire game.  Unfortunately it only lasted about 15 minutes.  As your character continued to evolve, Spore continued to morph into a different style of game.  Once again, this all sounds like a cool concept and it is, but with one small caveat; each stage of the game sucked more than the last.  It was like buying 5 atrociously underdeveloped and ill-thought out games but at the cost of 1 overpriced big bag of shit.

If I were in the place of hiring talent for ACIII I’d never let this ding dong come anywhere close to my creative directors.  In fact, I’d probably have his picture posted around campus with a bounty placed on his head encouraging my other dev’s to tag him and bag him on sight.



  1. Shiiit. I should’ve sent in my resume. Game design experience zero? Ok youre hired.


  2. Im sure he doesnt have the same ‘assets’ that Jade Raymond brought to the table. Hopefully he wont be able to mess up the existing formula too much. I’m a big fan of the past Assasins Creeds…


  3. Hmmm you may have something here… Spore was a pretty awesome idea on paper but it was going to be difficult to execute regardless of who was leading it, I hope that AC3 will not suffer because of his perceived ineptitude…. but he can redeem himself if AC3 sucks he, hidden within the Animus, places pics of Jade Raymond in various stages of under dressing herself, bikinis and general slutty dresses.


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