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This is a fairly new blog and one that hasn’t been utilized on a regular basis (not the case anymore!), but even so it would appear that the spambots haven’t got the memo.  While I let the blog lag behind as a result of my move to OK, the spambots went on something of a rampage.  I can’t recall the exact number of posts I deleted yesterday, but my spam filters blocked somewhere in the neighborhood of 65k spam messages.

As some of you have noticed quite a few of them still managed to go through (several hundred) and that was with multiple layers of protection.  There should be a mandatory captcha up that is more difficult to penetrate than my initial captcha program so hopefully that helps out.  I can’t help but wonder though how much spam a website or blog gets that receives tens of thousands of unique visitors per day.   I can only assume it would be in the millions of potential posts.


  1. I noticed it soon after you did the “Skill vs Roids” post. There were a bunch of things trying to sell drugs…


  2. Yeah, I think it was that post that drew them here, although for whatever reason they left that one alone even though it was the latest post.


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