Jones V Belfort

I’m crossing my fingers that the “Phenom” drops Bones down a peg or two but is it realistically possible?  I don’t know… Read More »

Like I always say, can’t make this shit up

I get an e-mail from my TGS “contact” (and I do use the term contact loosely here) the other day, and I was accidentally sent the pre-canned bullshit e-mail for a different partnership company that he represents.  It works a little something like this.. Read More »

Partner Invites

So you guys can get a better understanding of where I’m coming from when I say the youtube partnership business is out of control, I’ve decided to post the new partner request e-mails I get whenever I receive them.  Here’s the latest: Read More »

What I’ve learned about partnerships

Figured I’d throw this up here as I usually do when it comes to Rabbit holes and discussion heavy vids.  I’m sure I murdalized many a point here and failed to explain a few others.  Lemme know if there’s anything I can clarify: Read More »

Need some good books for this weekend!

Zombies, fantasy, dwarves, orcs, super heroes, and sci-fi.  I suppose now might be a good time to catch up on some science related material but I just know there’s some gem out there I haven’t touched yet that is waiting for me to crack it open.  The last few kindle only items I’ve purchased have been less than stellar so ... Read More »

What I’ve learned about partnerships

FreddieW (from the youtubes) posted a great article that was all about how to get the most out of your partnership and some great information regarding CPM’s, contract revision, and what have you.  Sadly he’s taken it down (or so it would seem) so I might throw what I’ve figured out into a vid tomorrow. There’s so much confusion about ... Read More »

The shit show that is TGS

As a result of not having heard from TGS in weeks and my only two contacts refusing to answer questions via skype or e-mail, I’ve now had to resort to threatening legal action with a lawyer as a result of having my bank account information out and about and no payments of any kind or contact with the company who ... Read More »