Insert favorite relaxation techniques here

Top ranked quote from my latest post on reddit: “2nd video in a row from this clueless guy. Previous video complaining about PvP and downtime, trying to give some sort of game theory lecture on how to improve the game. This video he aims in 3rd person and complains about hit detection? rofl!”   Read More »

All aboard the QQ train

Releasing another PvP DayZ video today and I can’t wait to see another flame war start about how “killing people is bad”, “they have no honor”, and “it takes more skills to snipe at the AF”. What a load of shit. I’ll be throwing up a rabbit hole on Saturday most likely talking about why. Read More »

Lend me your ears (and DayZ requests/ideas)!

I have so much DayZ footage (and I’m talking the good stuff!) that while I obviously have yet to release all of it, at this point I’m looking for other ideas on things you guys might like to see videos on.  I’d prefer some clever ideas to do with survivors via hostage negotiations, but whatever it is you want to see done, ... Read More »

The fun train has arrived

I don’t know if it’s just me, but after the reaction the redditos had to my video yesterday I feel as though I’ve been instilled with a new life (without the convenience of a respawn button).  Seeing how upset these yahoos get over killing someone in a game that is essentially built around…killing someone is nothing short of amazing. Read More »

Is it time to have fun yet?

Long story short, out of my last 10 deaths, something like 8 have been directly related to hacks.  Teleporting 1000m into the air, random ambush zones, terminators, etc.  You name it, I’ve had it happen to me.  Not that being hacked isn’t bad enough, but it frequently seems to occur immediately after a particularly successful group of kills.  I can ... Read More »