Absolutely terrifying

If you haven’t played Slender yet then you’re really missing out.  I haven’t been this terrified since…ever?  I had goosebumps the entire time and eventually refused to keep playing. Read More »

Same story, different day

Thought I’d bring everyone an update on what’s going on because I seem to get identical twitter, facebook, and youtube messages regarding the status of youtubes. Edit: Looks like I’m cleared to upload for the moment and in the meantime they’ll be working on other issues with my older content. Read More »

DayZ Livestream Challenge Numero Tres

The third and final event for this week will be held in Elektro at 9pm CST on Thursday.  I’ll announce the server and building we’re in once the livestream starts.  This event should come much closer to starting on time due to giving ourselves a day to prepare. I’m also looking into getting another public TS3 server for everyone, but ... Read More »

DayZ Beginner Livestream Party

Monday, sometime in the early evening.  Ideally I’d love to get enough subs to fill out a server so we don’t have to worry about death and we can walk through one of the major towns (probably Elektro) and go over a basic loot run and talk about fundamental mechanics of the game, different types of buildings, how guns work, ... Read More »

Partnership Conclusion

Looks like I’m going with TGS after all.  Changes should take effect in a couple weeks. Edit: Heads up, no vids until the transition completes.  Too many copyright issues unfortunately.  Should be resumed within a few days. Read More »