Battlefield 4 Beta

What a fucking joke.  As if we needed more fuel to add to the fire of BF jumping on the CoD bandwagon, now EA is pumping out new BF games every year.  I really hope DayZ changes some shit around in the game industry. Read More »

Partnership Shopping (again)

Blah.  So things aren’t working out over at curse for a variety of reasons.  The majority of my views aren’t being monetized and it defeats the purpose of even placing ads on videos.  At this point I’d be better of just signing with Machinima which is something I’d rather not do.  Additionally when I try to nail down the rep ... Read More »

DayZ Alt Characters

For anyone wondering how to create a second DayZ character, this forum post (supposedly) tells you how.  I can’t verify whether or not this works because I haven’t attempted it yet and it also requires a second copy of the expansion operation arrowhead.  For obvious reasons however its quite intriguing.. Read More »

DayZ in a Nutshell

              Oh and before anyone else assumes I hate the game, that definitely not the case. I love it and it’s my favorite thing out there right now by a landslide.  A really big landslide. I also want to put a stop to the notion that in order to like something it has to ... Read More »

Day Zed Subscriber Challenge

I announced this a week or two ago and I’ve setup a rough plan of what I want to happen.  I’d like everyone to come equipped with a hatchet and a few tin cans and meet at the barn NW of the military supply building in Elektro (if you’re not sure where this is don’t worry as I will supply ... Read More »