DayZ Day and Night Server Browser

As anyone who has played the DayZ mod knows, it can be frustrating to find a daytime server if you’re not willing to put up with the nighttime shenanigans.  Luckily for us however a new server browser has popped up that enables you to check for the time in the current server.  The developer has also stated that he’s working on ... Read More »

DayZ Farming Runs

I’m curious as to what everyone uses for their favorite DayZ farming sessions.  I’ve been playing quite a bit of DayZ lately if you haven’t noticed, and after my last death I decided to do something I have never done before; head to the NW airfield!  I had heard stories (legends mainly) about the glorious loot and uber weapons found ... Read More »

Star Wars – Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

No real reason to post this here other than everyone seems to like it and I’m proud of it myself so I want to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it.  If I can’t make you laugh with this it probably wont be happening at all Read More »

Zombie Survival Guide

In keeping with the zombie theme my channel has had for the last few weeks I thought I’d start something akin to a Zombie Survival Guide where we figure out what the different options are for surviving a zombie apocalypse.  Perhaps once a month I’ll propose a new scenario where we discuss the best ways to go about surviving the ... Read More »