Sam Harris, Science, Human Values

Partly due to the success the last video had I posted of Mr. Harris I thought I’d put up another one of my favorites.  This video encapsulates Sam’s attempt to unify the idea of science and morality.  It’s further illustrated in his book “The Moral Landscape”, but this is a great introduction. Read More »

Yet another Bethesda lawsuit

Not too long ago Bethesda was involved in all sorts of ridiculous legal charades surrounding Noche’s as of yet unreleased IP: “Scrolls”.  Today they’re involved in another PR debacle surrounding a fan site that was selling Fallout posters.  This bugs me for a few reasons and here’s why: Read More »

My organs your iPod

In a story that’s perhaps as bad or even worse than any urban legend you’ve ever heard of,  a teenager in China apparently traded his Kidneys for an iPhone and an iPad.  I think the creepy part about this story isn’t the ding dong who actually donated his organs, but the entire team it took to make it happen.  I ... Read More »

Where we’re going we don’t need roads…

It’s time to wave goodbye to the dark ages of 1mb upload and usher in the new era of self-tying shoes and hoverboards with 2mb upload!  Even though this is hardly what I’d consider ideal, it should significantly cut down on some of my 250 minute or more uploads. In general I probably wont be uploading more than about 3 ... Read More »

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut (aka revamped ending)

The good news is that Bioware has decided to do something about the (apparent) worlds worst ending in any video game that ever has or will be created.  I say apparent because I still have yet to see it.  To be perfectly honest just getting to the damned ending of the game is a large force motivating me to finish ... Read More »