Borderlands 2

One of the benefits of moving to the South was realizing that I’m that much closer to a lot of major game companies such as Gearbox (Borderlands) and Bioware (SWTOR, Mass Effect).  I filled out a basic application for Gearbox regarding playtesting Borderlands 2 and I received an e-mail saying something along the lines of “You don’t live in our ... Read More »

Next Gen Update

Howdy everybody!  Thought I’d drop in and do my best to clear up some confusion on the upcoming next generation of consoles.  There’s a buttload of rumors flying around out there that involve when they’re going to be unveiled, whether or not Steam is creating its own console, etc.  As to the best of my knowledge this is what I ... Read More »

To My Old Master

Once again I’ve stumbled on a hidden treasure trove of info contained in a random link.  This particular site has a variety of old letters scanned in, but the letter I’ve chosen to show you revolves around a freed slave writing his old master.  After reading the letter it raised goosebumps on my arms because of how easy it was to ... Read More »

Sam Harris “Free Will”

On the off chance that 1 or 2 of you decide you may want to watch this video I’ve decided to post it.  Sam is one of my favorite authors and one whose eloquence and articulation is something I’ve greatly admired.  He’s a big proponent when it comes to speaking about the importance of such base topics as communication and ... Read More »

Emergency cricothyrotomy? Use a BiC

Specifically a BiC soft feel jumbo.  Of course you also have the option of using a Baron retractable ballpoint, but I’m partial to the BiC’s myself.  How or why someone would have attempted a study like this remains unclear, but it is awesome nonetheless.  Every time I feel as though I’ve reached the depths of the internet, it seems like ... Read More »


I put out a video the other day where I mentioned my hesitancy towards accepting a Machinima partnership offer.  One big reason I’m hesitant to sign is due to bias.  No matter how faithful or true I think I’m staying to my original goals or ideas, it will forever be impossible to rule out potential bias as a means of motivation ... Read More »

Video Game Violence

Tyler’s comment:  I was reading through your FAQ on this website and it said to offer any ideas for posts. I looked at about 5 pages of previous articles and did not see it, but I was just wondering on your thoughts about video games and violence in children (or adults). My psychology class in college was discussing this and ... Read More »