Mega Beef Bowl!

Between getting off work, pumping iron, and attempting to get a decent nights sleep before I go back to work tomorrow, I just don’t have a lot of spare time to write a big article so here’s another great site I’ve stumbled upon that makes all your favorite video game dishes come to life!  Not only that, but if you ... Read More »

T-Rex Trying

I wish I could tell you where people come up with this stuff but I’d be lying if I said I had the faintest idea.  I mean, it’s an entire website devoted to pictures of T-Rex trying to perform various activities but failing to do so because his damn arms are too short.  I love it and here’s just one ... Read More »

It’s a girl

No I’m not having babies, far from it actually.  It’s a clip about how women in certain countries (India/China) are seen as less than desirable compared to men, so they’re often aborted or killed shortly after death.  A combination of factors lead to these undesirable circumstances ranging from a limited amount of births, to  the belief that women make inferior ... Read More »

Anthropodermic Bibliopegy

Continuing with the theme of needlessly excessive and macabre forms of entertainment, I introduce to you the process of creating books bound from human flesh.  I never would’ve thought this had been done so many times that it has now carved (har har) its own genre out.  It would seem that once upon a time paper wasn’t nearly so plentiful ... Read More »

Sound of Noise

It looks totally bizarre but the few clips I’ve seen of it makes me want to check it out.  Who knows, maybe it’ll be a total shit show, but I love the original concept: Read More »

ME3 Teammate Conundrum

Playing a bit of ME3 Multiplayer earlier tonight and as usual it’s borderline impossible to pick up passable teammates.  As much as I might like to attempt gold guns, I’m not going to even bother because with teammates like these it would be absolute suicide.  Granted I went Vanguard (which I excel with) and Bruce is using a heavily modified ... Read More »

Spambot stats

This is a fairly new blog and one that hasn’t been utilized on a regular basis (not the case anymore!), but even so it would appear that the spambots haven’t got the memo.  While I let the blog lag behind as a result of my move to OK, the spambots went on something of a rampage.  I can’t recall the ... Read More »

Assassin Creed Creative Director aka THE DEVIL

Meet Alex Hutchinson, the lucky young man who has secured the Creative Director position for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III.  Apparently they wanted to take ACIII in a different direction than the last game so it only made sense to get some fresh blood into the mix.  What exactly was on his resume that stood out to bring this gentleman ... Read More »