Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Stats

The picture definitely seems to say it all, but one of the most interesting statistics is how few matches have been completed on gold.  Less than 1% of all successful matches?  I’d love to know the actual percentages of matches completed on gold with full extractions and with random teammates versus pre-made groups.  I’m sure those numbers would shrink once ... Read More »

Diablo 3 official release date!

5/15/12.  IMO it’s a bit of a bizarre way to announce their game via their blog when they’ve passed up so many big name opportunities to do so in the recent past, but there it is all the same.  You can pre-order now and download an “encrypted” version of the game that will let you play it as soon as ... Read More »

Skill vs Roids

Not to belittle Overeem who is a fantastic K1 and Pride fighter, but Jesus Christy, that dude is just massive.  JDS isn’t a tiny guy himself, but he’s no Lesnar either.  It’s a ways off but I can’t wait for this one. Read More »

Next Gen Time!

Rev up the rumor mills, according to sources at MCV, both the playstation 4 and the next Xbox will be unveiling at E3 2012.  The sad news is that E3 2012 doesn’t happen until June, but this will be the first time all 3 next-gen consoles (nintendo, sony, microsoft) will be simultaneously unveiling against each other. Will we get mouse ... Read More »


I’ve been reading about the controversy surrounding a hotly contested internet bill lately called SOPA.  SOPA stands for “stop online piracy act” and getting to the bottom of what the bill actually entails isn’t quite so easy.  For the moment, I’m going to quietly skirt around the issue of piracy in general not only because it’s a bag of worms, but I’ve ... Read More »

Get pooped on Mac users!

Okay, we all know there’s no way you can own a Mac and call yourself a gamer, but if you really are one of those ding dongs, then there may be hope for you yet.  According to Bioware, developing SWTOR for Mac’s is something they “might be looking at next“.  To be honest, in order to spend the time it ... Read More »


I can’t really be the only one who has wondered what it would be like to fall into Lava can I?  Video Games have portrayed lava as a death trap ever since Mario made its debut on the NES.  World of Warcraft has made extensive use of lava including the ability to hop across it in certain sections.  As it ... Read More »