Fictional fun

A few weeks back I shared a few of my favorite fictional titles with you guys and took a few of your recommendations as well.  Jim Butcher is one of the authors I took a fast liking to and I quickly devoured most of his Dresden File titles.  Unfortunately I was a bit turned off about halfway through the series ... Read More »

Tick Tock

Just a quick update for everyone out there who’s wondering where those articles/posts are at.  I’m in the process of moving to Oklahoma over the course of the next month so until I actually get there and get settled in it’s going to be a bit of touch and go until things start to sort themselves out.  I’m debating about ... Read More »


Just got back home from working back to back doubles (yay for 32 hrs in 2 days).  Hope everyone had a great christmas and ate food that far exceeds what a human being should be able to pack away. Updates coming later tonight after I come back from hibernation. Read More »

Time to make a better game

I wanted to touch on a few nuances that people have been talking about – namely the knife and bullet damage.  As far as what I would do with knifing in CoD, there’s about a million and one ways to tweak it.  Instant shots from the back versus several from the front, reduced damage overall, reduced swing speed while being ... Read More »

Hypocrite much?

Blizzard posts up what more or less amounts to a FAQ as to why buying gold is wrong; accounts are stolen/compromised, people are scammed, and Chinese prisoners are forced to farm gold while serving their prison sentence (wish I was kidding).  All of these facts are true of course, but what Blizzard doesn’t explain is how it justifies providing pets ... Read More »

Final experiment

Overall this series was a lot of fun to do and I’d love to thank once again all the individuals that helped make it possible – Bateman, Garflex, Neophyte, and Ryan.  Stats aren’t everything, but its not any fun to necessarily tank them but tank them we did.   Who would’ve thought riot shields would be this effective? Read More »

SWTOR First Impressions

I’m curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are on SWTOR so far?  What do you think of the current classes?  Are they fun, do their rotations makes sense, are there any abilities or mechanics you’d like to see revised, added, or removed? Read More »

The Second Experiment

Wow.  The difference between the first experiment and this one was using dead mans hands.  That’s it.  Apparently it was enough to not only win the round, but win it convincingly as well.  Oh, and as everyone pointed out in the youtube comments, someone on the opposite team managed to go negative against 1 guy shooting. Read More »

Uno Experimento

This vid showcases the first experiment we ran with MW3.  No kills were allowed of any kind.  Technically we didn’t win the round, but we came so close that I feel the point was proven either way.  After all was said and done I think we could go back in with some better class management and definitely win a round ... Read More »