Brief clip here mentioning the CoD experiments that should be arriving out tomorrow.  Check out todays vid to get a taste of what’s to come.  The reason I’m posting this here is because it sets the stage for something I view as being important for a variety of reasons and I’ll highlight those in a future rabbit hole vid. Read More »

SWTOR Server

For anyone interested, I’ll be playing in the Death Wind Corridor server.  It seems to be a centrally based server out of Chicago (although listed as East).  It’s PvP of course so yay for ganking.  If you join up in SWTOR feel free to use the TS3 server – Oh yea, and sith/horde side.  Ooooobviously! Read More »

Your thoughts on BF3

As I mentioned in a CoD vid earlier today, I’m getting pretty frustrated with MW3 and debating trying out BF3.  Would anyone who has/is playing it mind sharing their thoughts?  If you could be sure to include details about the game modes you play and whether it’s PC or console that would help too.  I do plan on playing PC, ... Read More »

It’s a Trailer Party!

All sorts of amazing trailers made their debut at last nights VGA’s on Spike.  I’ll be posting my favorites down below: Diablo III Opening Cinematic: Mass Effect 3 Transformers: Fall of Cyberton (Best in Show IMO trailer wise) Metal Gear Solid Rising BioShock Infinite   Rainbow Six: Patriots Read More »

Pickypants Club

It was suggested to me that it might be nice if there were a common voice server that like minded individuals from this site could congregate to in order to play games with each other.  As someone who knows how hard it can be to find other gamers to play with that aren’t complete ding dongs, I’ve put up a TS3 server ... Read More »

Herald the Genius!

I’m still planning on doing a final thoughts video on Skyrim, but until I get there this should probably tide you over.  I’m blown away that this is one of the few reviews I’ve seen that points out glaringly obvious flaws such as watered down combat, repetitive quests, third rate dialogue and voice acting, and of course, the horrific menus. ... Read More »

SWTOR Group Info

Thought I’d make a spot so we can organize some SWTOR info.  I’d love to get as many people as possible into the same server so we can all party hard.  As soon I have more details I’ll let you guys know.  Feel free to post here with your ideas of where you’re interested in and what you want to ... Read More »

Top Video Game Activity

Major Nelson provides stats on the top played games via the Xbox 360.  What were the top games last week you ask?  Surprisingly BF3 was actually in the top ten (#4), but the #1 and #2 spots belonged to MW3 and Black Ops.  That’s right, the only thing less popular (slightly) than MW3 was last years edition. Read More »