Loading into it later today so after I get acquainted with it I’ll be sure to let you guys know my first thoughts.  I’m not a huge fan of MMO’s but I’m definitely anxious to try out Mass Effect style party dialogue in an MMO setting.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Either way, it can’t be worse than ... Read More »

EA: Quantity vs Quality < Marketing

Ever since my first Battlefield 3 vid came out I’ve been getting messages and comments every day that go on and on about how this is just a beta or we’re playing an older version of the client, etc.  Before I get started, allow me to state the obvious; we are playing a beta and the version we’re involved with ... Read More »

Death of Aggressive Gameplay

Games like any other avenue that exist today continue to change over time.  For better or for worse, changes continues to press on.  In the case of first person shooters, the changes that we’ve seen over the last 5+ years have been trending towards a style that not only rewards casual players, but in my opinion punishes would be expert ... Read More »

Battlefield 3 Lament: The helicopter that once was

One of the big disappointments to me in BC2 was the neutering of the helicopters.  I think the idea was to make them easier to fly, but I actually had a harder time piloting them with significantly less control than I had when I played Battlefield Vietnam.  The momentum and weight system that was used in BFV just felt perfect. ... Read More »

Big List of BF3 Bugs

Thought I’d compile a list of all the bullshit I’ve seen thus far in the game.  I tried to organize it some type of hierarchy with the biggest offenders at the top, but most importantly I just wanted everything there.  Feel free to comment and I’ll update the list as time goes on.  I want this in place so people ... Read More »

Consistency: An afterthought.

As much as I enjoy titles like Mass Effect, Diablo, or Bioshock, in my eyes they’ve always just been filler for the the good stuff.  That “stuff” I’m referring to is of course first person shooters.  Unfortunately I feel as though I’ve been playing each and every shooter that has come out (more or less) after Battlefield Vietnam with the ... Read More »

Nvidia: PC’s will beat Consoles

From what I understand, Nvidia is essentially claiming that the longer consoles last the more attractive PC gaming becomes as a result of the hardware discrepancies.  I don’t know that this is entirely the case, but they do have some really pretty graphs.         Read More »