BF3 Thoughts

For anyone in the demo please post your thoughts and experiences with it here.  So far I’m of the mindset that this game is essentially BC2.  I thought the CoD series was silly for more or less putting out the same game year after year, but BF3 really is BC2.  I really can’t tell the difference.  In all seriousness, I ... Read More »

Number crunchers delight

It’s time to start planning out your ideal characters so you can hit the ground running once Skyrim opens on Nov.11.  IMO this shit is damn near more fun than playing the game itself (I’m a nerd!) Read More »

Montage Time Nao!

I know most of you guys have probably seen it over at the youtubes, but if you haven’t I wanted to share it with you here.  This took around ~6 hours of work from start to finish.  That includes searching for footage, splicing everything in order, timing it all out, and of course overall editing. Most of my large killstreaks ... Read More »

Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Date

That’s right, according to their website SWTOR will be released on Dec. 20 2011 for about the same price as WoW.  Each copy comes with 30 days of play time and after that in order to continue playing you need to pay a monthly subscription. Read More »

Diablo 3 in 2012

Noooooooooo!  And here I thought everything was going so well!  F&F Beta with a quick follow through into the closed beta, website updates, dev posts, etc.  I legitimately thought that this game would be out this year.  Jesus, I was just talking about it last night in my livestream. Sadly earlier today at 5:30 AM PDT, Mike Morhaime of Blizzard ... Read More »

Diablo 3 Console

There have been a lot of rumors about whether or not this is happening and according to a recent post over at Joystiq it appears as though not only will this game be happening on consoles, but apparently it “feels better with more direct control”?  What the fuck? Read More »

D3 Beta is Officially Live!

Just a quick FYI from Blizz, make sure to check your blizzard account page if you’re curious as to whether or not your e-mail may have thrown out your beta information.  Lets hope that an early closed beta means D3 for everyone later this year. Read More »

Batman Arkham City: We’ll miss you

But only if you’re using that dated device we once so fondly referred to as a personal computer.  The game is still set to ship out on consoles at Oct 18, but it has an as of yet unreleased November date for the PC.  The rumor is it may have something to do with piracy…I don’t know.  Looks like I’ll ... Read More »