But can you run it?!

I get asked all the time if I think someones computer is able to run BF3 (as if I would know).  Now instead of asking me you can just compare what you have to the….wait for it…OFFICIAL BF3 COMPUTER SPECS. The recommended specs do look pretty beefy to me. Read More »

Battlefield 3 Open Beta

September 29.  Uhh what?  Just a quick FYI to everyone who isn’t up to speed on the different between betas and demos, but a beta is a work in progress and there will not be any significant difference between the game released on Sept 29 and the one that comes out October 25.  If  the game hasn’t’ already been wrapped ... Read More »

Deus Ex: Boss Battles

I’ve got to be missing something with this particular story.  Word on the street is people are complaining that Deus Ex boss fight are too hard?!  Lol, I don’t even know what to say.  Am I being trolled?  The boss fights were all a fucking joke, I think I 1 shot all of them.  The latest piece of info in ... Read More »

What a fucking joke

BC2 on PC is set to receive a patch that addresses performance issues and hit registering.  Don’t make me laugh.  Walking into servers where everyone sits at 150-300 ping and being unable to spray assholes down with their back turned towards you is even worse than Dead Island’s fiasco of a launch.  The game has been out for how long and these ... Read More »

Raid Finder

As anyone knows who is involved with WoW, the “Dragon Soul” patch is currently on the way.  What interests me more than anything else in this patch is the addition of the raid finder.  Supposedly it sets you up with a raid group and you get raid loot that’s a tier or so underneath the normal stuff, but at least ... Read More »

Forced Teamwork

A few months ago I was playing quite a bit of Nazi Zombies.  It has its issues, but I’m a bit of a sucker for anything cooperative and hey, it was nice to play CoD on a controller without people shooting back.  Lately though I just can’t bring myself to play that god awful excuse of a video game.  You ... Read More »

Woopsy Daisy

A while back I was asked if BF42  had a spotting system and I said no.  I was randomly lost in thought today and thinking back to 42 and realized that I was wrong and yes indeed it did have a spotting system.  I think the main reason why I didn’t remember it having a spotting system is because of ... Read More »

What do Angry Birds and 350 million have in common?

Apparently it’s the amount of times the app has been downloaded.  While I don’t think we’ll be playing the next great FPS or RPG on a phone/tablet anytime soon, those are some pretty impressive numbers.  The company is supposedly worth someone around 1.2 billion right now for creating a game where you throw birds at pigs.  Unreal. Read More »

Xbox Live, PC’s and Windows 8

Microsoft has confirmed that XBL will be heading out to PC’s next year when Windows 8 comes around.  As far as I know no one really knows what this means though.  Will PC players finally be united with console brethren or will I simply be able to modify/change my XBL desktop?  Only time will tell but if experience and history ... Read More »