Console FPS domination

I’m  uploading a video that talks about certain elements of FPS game design being geared towards the console/controller crowd and I’m curious as to what you guys think about it.  Do you feel like you’ve seen your favorite series of games slowly change over time as console player bases began to overtake the PC?  If it has, what do you ... Read More »

Thoughtful D3 Devs

It feels like the majority of the time I’m playing a game, I’m typically wracking my brain trying to figure out why in the hell the devs would have implemented such bizarre mechanics.  For instance, why is there such a resistance to an auto loot feature in games like Borderlands or Dead Island?  CoD:BO PC split its server base into ... Read More »

Steam resolution…sort of

My account was reactivated a few hours after I received that initial message from “customer service” telling me that I needed to contact paypal (which I had done days ago) and everything would be suspended indefinitely if the funds were reversed.  Thank god paypal decided not to reverse the funds.  A few hours after that my games downloaded themselves again and all ... Read More »

Steam update

A few hours earlier I received my first response from steam support regarding my account which was shut down a little over 3 days ago.  I’m going to post the entire response because not only do I want to keep you guys updated with what’s going on, but I want everyone to know what it’s like to have an issue ... Read More »

Color me furious

I wouldn’t say I’m the most patient person in the world, in fact probably far from it.  My entire playstyle in FPS games was essentially created around being impatient if that tells you anything.  Unfortunately this incident with my steam being suspended has managed to cross the line. Read More »

Diablo 3 Streaming

It has recently come to my attention that damn near everyone who belongs to the friends and family D3 beta are streaming it over at Twitch TV.  It’s the same site I stream my own games at.  I would’ve thought anyone belonging to it was under some kind of NDA, but apparently not.  It’s pretty interesting finally seeing D3 in ... Read More »

BF3 Pre-Orders

EA recently announced that Battlefield 3’s pre-order numbers have topped 1.25 million.  In no way is this a small number, but in lieu of my recent posts, I really have to wonder what percentage of these figures belong to consoles. Read More »

Has it really come to this?

As something of a follow-up to my previous lesser of two evils statement, I’ve decided that the fate of my PC gaming career rests in the hands of BF3.  I’m going to pick it up for PC and should it be a shitshow I’ll be more or less permanently converting over to console for just about everything in an effort ... Read More »

Am I being trolled?

This is almost too ridiculous to be true – and thus it probably is.  Either way, make sure to check out what’s sure to be an exciting new chapter in the history of gaming; slavery. Read More »