The lesser of two evils

The other day I was asked what I thought was a funny question at the time: “Will your youtube channel be a playthrough channel or more of a gaming/FPS channel?”  When I read it at first I laughed and thought how silly it was.  Of course I’m going to be a gaming/FPS channel!  Why ever would you question that?  Only ... Read More »

D3 Beta Screens

It’s not much, but over at diablo.incgamers d3 beta screens have started to leak out.  What’s more exciting though is the fact that if they’re already doing a friends and family beta, then hopefully a public beta (and eventual release) isn’t too far behind. Read More »

How big is too big?

The title is in reference to Skyrim designer Todd Howard talking about how the size of Skyrim in relation to other games Bethesda has created.  I want to preface this article by stating that in general I’m not a fan of Howard or Bethesda.  As if destroying the gritty and sometimes disgusting world/story of Fallout wasn’t bad enough, both the ... Read More »

What a relief

When I think of technically adept individuals I’m not actually inclined to include myself in that list of people.  When it gets right down to it, I really have no idea how RAM works or what it means to modify my voltage and rails on my power supply.  I can tell you that an i7 is faster than an i5 ... Read More »

Deus Ex Crash Help

By and large my game is okay, but every now and then I’m coming to a specific point in game which will crash repeatedly until I disable DX11 or do something else first.  Pretty frustrating but it’s often the case with console ports as they just aren’t optimized for PC’s so people tend to get a wide variety of issues. ... Read More »

Who would have thought

Life is just a kick in the pants sometimes.  It’s no secret that my bread and butter has been competitive gaming.  While I wont accept being anything less than the the best, the most fun I’ve had has always been outside of matches when I pubbed with friends.  Eventually we created a pub all star team which was essentially just ... Read More »

Moving Forward

At work yesterday I met someone who works as a musical therapist for a variety of different clients; disabled pediatrics, dementia, rehabilitation, etc.  First and foremost I love the idea of a musical therapist and until you see someone in action who is great at connecting with individuals through their music it’s hard to understand how amazing it can be ... Read More »


You have all been neglected!  Aside from my managing the usual work, girlfriend, family, friends, and games, building a new computer on top of everything kind of took its toll.  That being said, it’s all done and everything works great (mostly).  Finishing up with file transfers today so expect new content soon.  Once again, my apologies. -DRJ Read More »