Site changes

Just wanted to inform everyone of a few basic site changes.  I rolled back to the previous template as it gives me some tools to allow everyone to comment back and forth much more often.  There are a lot of ways to do comments and as time goes on I’ll most likely revamp them yet again as the current system ... Read More »

PS3 Exclusives

I was looking at an article the other day and glanced over it thinking it wasn’t really important, but on second thought I decided I wanted to show it to you guys and see what you think about the larger picture and future implications of exclusive titles and DLC. Read More »

Xbox 360 games on Windows 8?

Okay guys, this is definitely straight out of the rumor mill, but according to a variety of sources, Xbox 360 games look like they’ll be playable on Windows 8.  There are as of yet no details concerning whether a mouse and keyboard will be supported, but we can always hope.  Either way it sounds like a step in the right ... Read More »

Mass Effect 3 Demo?

Executive producer of the ME series Casey Hudson went ballistic on twitter and answered a variety of questions the other day.  Apparently some type of ME demo is in the works, but we wont find out about it for a few months. Read More »

First look: battlefield 3 classes

A scant amount of details were released at E3 pertaining to the new BF3 classes.  Luckily for us, EA has released a few new details surrounding customization, abilities, and upgrades.  More details behind the fold.. Read More »

Battlefield 3 recommended specs

Gamerzines has listed the specs required for the upcoming BF3.  They don’t appear too harsh, although they aren’t completely official: Recommended: – Quad-core Intel or AMD, 4GB RAM – DirectX 11 compatible Nvidia (GTX 460) or ATI (HD 6850) video card – 15 GB disk space for disc version and 10 GB for digital version – Windows 7 64-bit Read More »