Why am I not surprised

The only thing more fun than playing video games is playing those same games with your friends. The friendly bantering, food fights, wrestling matches (stalemates have to be decided somehow), etc. It’s always frustrating to know that even when that next great game hits the shelf, you and your friend wont be able to play because alas, he owns a ... Read More »

Peripheral Dilemma

Today’s post is all about advantages and disadvantages in video games.  I want to specifically talk about peripherals, but in my opinion there are a large variety of potential advantages to be had and I’m curious as to why not all of them are seen as unfair.  How far should someone go in order to keep an even playing field? Read More »

First Person Shooters: A generation lost

Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about where I think shooters have gone wrong in general, and then hit on a few specific reasons that affect gameplay more than anything else.  I think shooters are the most fun to play but I’d love to seem them reclaim some of their former glory before the playing fields were equalized.  Back ... Read More »

Battlefield 3: Multiplayer Details

It’s no secret that I’m a bit partial to the battlefield series.  As some of you may have read in the comments, I haven’t been impressed with where both gaming and battlefield have gone over the last few years.  However, I have been recently encouraged by the fact that the masses seem to be protesting the next version of MW3 ... Read More »


Let me start off by simply saying wow.  There is so much content out there on E3 I’m really not sure how to handle it.  I want to start off by linking you guys to a great site I use called Game Informer.  It’s one of the man pages I crawl on a daily basis to find interesting articles for ... Read More »

Microsoft Kinect: Ghost Recon

We’re in a bit of a lull at the moment concerning video game news as E3 is literally just around the corner (tomorrow).  That being said, there’s all sorts of “pre” E3 news that is coming out, but most of it is just more rumors and speculation.  I did however find an interesting piece on the future of Microsoft’s Kinect… Read More »

E3: Battlefield 3 Update

After installing BF1942 and playing around with Bad Company 2, I’m pretty skeptical about the upcoming BF3 and it might have a little something to do with EA’s latest blog.  Essentially the highlights of the game pointed out in the blog consist of the ability to go prone, lay down suppressing fire, and more bullshit about a new graphics engine. ... Read More »