Gaming Tees

Found a new clothing store online that sells some pretty great gaming wear.  What I like about most of these t-shirts is that you would never know they were anything gaming related unless of course you actually played the game.  Take a look and decide for yourself. Read More »

E3: It is on the way!

It is now officially June which means E3 is just days away.  IGN has a great list of titles currently confirmed for the big show.  This doesn’t necessarily mean these are the only titles that will be shown, but on the contrary, both developers and publishers alike often pull out great surprises and show off games that were previously only ... Read More »

China prisoners used as World of Warcraft gold slaves

In what reads like a post straight out of the Onion, The Guardian has published an article detailing the punishments faced by Chinese prisoners.  As you can probably guess from the title of the article, many of them are subjected to gold farming for such extended amounts of time until he could “barely see things”.  If the prisoner wasn’t efficient ... Read More »

Modern Warfare 3: No CO-OP

Whilst there was some earlier buzz about coop in the upcoming MW3, Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward put that rumor to rest earlier with a tweet that explained this was only possible with certain spec ops modes.  Sadface. Read More »

Witcher 2 Patch: DRM Removed

In an interesting move today the Witcher 2 gets patched and DRM removed.  It’s interesting because only the Steam version of W2 had DRM included.  Their reasoning behind it was they wanted DRM to reduce the likelihood of the game being leaked before it was released, and now that that purpose has been served, the DRM is gone.  Once again however, apparently that ... Read More »

Follow up: Witcher 2 Review

I was browsing through the interwebs today and came across a Witcher 2 review that not only coincided with my own take on the game, but parts of it were definitely harder on the game than I ever thought to be.  I wanted to share it with you guys to give my review some perspective and add a few additional thoughts ... Read More »

Head for the hills

DA3 is on the way! According to a new article over at teamxbox, Bioware is looking to hire environmental artists for DA3.  My first thought is I will definitely not be buying this game until some initial reviews.  However, a huge complaint of mine about the first game was DAII using the same levels over and over again.  Essentially you ... Read More »

Gameplay Critiquing

In a bit of a response to some of the commenting going on over at the old youtubes, I thought I’d post something on my thoughts about how critiquing games works in the ideal fantasy land known as Dinotopia.  In Dinotopia nothing is so sacred as to be considered immune to satire, derision, or criticism.  Not only is such conversation ... Read More »

Review: Witcher 2

A few years ago on something of a whim I picked up the original Witcher.  Somewhere between 50-70 game hours later, I was sad to see one of the best RPG’s I’d ever played come to an end.  It goes without saying that I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Witcher 2. Read More »