Just be glad you’re not in Australia

        Because if you were, you would no longer be able to see Geralt exchange sexual favors.  Australia has a long history of banning games for all sorts of ridiculous reasons.  And of course lets not forget everyone’s favorite; China.  The Chinese government refused to allow Wrath of the Lich King because of some skulls or some ... Read More »

Mass Effect 3: 2012?!

It’s official folks, ME:3 has been pushed back to 2012.  Part of me is sad, but then again, I’d rather not see another bag of piss like Dragon Age 2. Read More »

How much should we expect from game Dev’s?

In a recent article over at Kotaku, the question was asked whether or not we expect too much from game developers.  Well, let me rephrase that, a statement was made that we expect too much from game devs.  Personally I’m blown away that anyone would even suggest such a thing is possible.  I mean, right now we’re smack dab in ... Read More »

Reaction speed

Today I wanted to confront a long standing myth that video games require excellent reaction speed and often as a result of this, younger gamers are given the edge as their reaction speeds are probably faster than older adults. In my experience this is complete horseshit and couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Here’s why: Read More »

Diablo III: ZOMG WEEE!!!1111

Chugga chugga chugga chugga, chugga chugga choo choo!  All aboard the boner express.  According to an article by Kotaku earlier this year, Rob Pardo (Executive Vice President of Game Design), was quoted as saying “We’re crossing our fingers that maybe it will be out this year” (referring to 2011).  In confirmation of this earlier comment, Jay Wilson (Game Designer) said ... Read More »

Asians and the bags they punch

Some of you may have seen this video floating around the interwebs as of late and for good reason; it’s absolutely hilarious.  I can’t tell if they’re making this up or if this was simply a case of 2 yokels being caught on camera at the same time.  Enjoy. Read More »

Battlefield 3: How many players is too many?

According to a recent press release by EA, BF3 will ship with 64 player support on PC and 24 players on console.  So I’ll just get right down to it; 64 players is a complete clusterfuck on nearly every level and far too many wangs in one spot at one time. Read More »

Cowboys and Aliens

So it’s technically not a video game, but much like a great game, a great trailer swells up my massive bone piece to epic proportions.  More on my huge wang later, for now I can only hope this trailer makes you as hard as it made/making me. Read More »

Rage: Official Dead City Gameplay

ID has another video up from their upcoming game Rage.  To be honest I really wasn’t big on Doom 3, it was very pretty but otherwise it seemed to lack depth and I found myself unable to get hooked.  Personally however I’m a huge fan of just about anything post apocalyptic, and as a result I’m keen to see what ... Read More »