The real problem with DayZ Standalone Pt. 1/3

A quick glance at the revised DayZ reddit site reveals all sorts of comments and suggestions revolving around the recently released Standalone (SA) game.  The comments reflect a wide variety of views that detail a players first experience in DayZ, a feature that should be added, or even a humorous story.  The one area that this page rarely reflects is ... Read More »

Re: A year in Oklahoma

I started to write out a comment that turned into a bigger piece that I was hoping to get some feedback on so I decided to post it here instead.  It’s great to hear from readers of all different ages and it’s also nice to get feedback from people who grew (are growing) up in other parts of the world. ... Read More »

A year living in Oklahoma according to an Oregonian

As many of you have probably noticed, I’ve taken the week off!  It’s been a bit of a struggle the last few weeks because work has been so crazy and in typical Oklahoma fashion, it’s a mountain of effort in order to accomplish even the most mundane of tasks.  What could have possibly made my life so complicated the last ... Read More »

Playsation 4 Specs Anyone?

Supposedly Kotaku received a 90 page manifest detailing specifications for the as of yet announced PSX4.  One of the key distinctions to make is that these specs pertain to the “dev” kit for the PS4.  That means this is not necessarily the model you will use to play games, but rather the model that developers will use to make games. ... Read More »

Now you’re playing with power!

Mooowahahhaha!  I offered to buy off the last owner but apparently he hates $$ and thought it’d be a better idea to let it die.  I snagged it up this morning for a cool  $.99 so within the next day or two should be forwarding to this domain.   First step, the interwebs, next step, THE WORLD!   Read More »

Zombie Survival Guide (Re-imagined)

I know we already did this scenario once on the website already, but in order to push forward with it I had to revamp it a bit and throw it up on youtubes in order to get the ball rolling.  I can’t wait for the next scenario! Previous article can be found here Read More »

Battlefield 1942 Server Updates

Vin Diesel Friendship Brigade BF1942 server has been updated w/the following changes: Friendly Fire has been lowered to 5% Server Auto-Balance has been engaged.  This will greatly minimize peoples abilities to switch teams.  FYI while this is great for solo-play, it can be undesirable for group play due to making it nigh impossible to play on the same team as ... Read More »

Most powerful and enjoyable Dark Souls Builds

I don’t think they’re always one and the same either.  Obviously not everyone finds it quite as appealing to run around and 1 shot everything with little to no chance at dying, but that being said, glass cannon builds can be a lot of fun as are tankish builds.  Seeing as how I’m not very experienced with running through the ... Read More »

BF1942 Server has finally arrived!

Most of the settings should be set although we’ll probably be playing with a few values such as tickets, friendly fire, and spawn times.  Friendly fire is set at 50% but we’ll see how that goes.  I’d rather play with full on friendly fire because it’s pretty fucking noobish to sit there and ex pack your feet to get kills, ... Read More »