Owner/Operator of numerous fatty goatsteaks

I suppose it could have something to do with the 1st of the year rolling around, or maybe it’s the fact that WaldoGirl has recently mistaken my stomach as a WoW quest item.  Realistically, it’s the knowledge that I’ll most likely be going somewhere tropical in about ~6 months and I can feel myself growing more repulsive every week.  Unfortunately ... Read More »

Stockin’ Up!

Because I never know when the urge will hit to crush some Waldo D Dude’s Rosa Rita Santa Margacheetah Chili Dip!     The recipe is as follows: 2 cans of your favorite chili. Preferably the good stuff.  None of the cheap crap from WalMart or some off brand.  I’m talking designer Chili here!  Trader Joes usually has something pretty ... Read More »

It’s good to be alive in 2013

Almost 16 subscribers came together to play in a bedlam of a Halo 4 open lobby, setup and played some WiiU Zombies and the new Mario, watched the new Bourne movie, saw some cool fireworks, ate some amazing food, all while getting schlonkied with WaldoGirl.   It’s going to be a good year… Read More »

Playthrough ETA

I keep getting questions left on vids and e-mailed to me so I’ll just throw it up here in case anyone wanders by so they can see it.  Unless something drastic happens such as winning the lottery or my parents dying, I wont be adding anymore additional playthroughs.  Instead, I’ll be queuing up them up to take the place of ... Read More »

Xmas and Livestreams

Now that it’s over however it’s back to the grindstone.  Christmas is a crazy week and always difficult to make things happen regardless of where you work or what you’re doing. Chances are that even if you aren’t into it that someone else you rely on probably is.  That said, while you guys didn’t notice too much of a difference ... Read More »

Same story different day

Reddit just fucking kills me.  This latest DayZ montage was actually popular enough to warrant a few posts from elitist reddit douchebags, and one hand I want to say they never get old, but after getting the same “you’re a CoD fanboy” post again and again, I can’t help but wonder what it’s like being in the mind of a ... Read More »