Day Zed Montage

Curious what people thought of the DayZ montage.  It wasn’t an easy vid to make as a result of so much of the gameplay and fun factor often times coming from the in game interactions between players.  I tried to choose scenes that were engaging, but as a result I had to skip over many of my favorite PvP sequences. ... Read More »

BF1942 Memories and Woes

It just may fall under the guise of 1st world problems (as do most things video game related), however I’m already starting to get that sense of frustration that ultimately leads to me walking away from the greatest game I ever played. Read More »

The Steam Console

When I hosted the Halo 4 open lobby a few days ago we were chit chatting a bit and I found out that despite what I had previously thought, Steam actually did end up confirming their console.  The upside to this is that well, the biggest PC game distributor is making a console.  What could possible be the downside you ... Read More »

Channel Evolution

As things continue to evolve in mister picky pants land, I want to let you guys know how things are turning out and what you can expect the channel to look like in the future.  In addition, I want your advice and input on how you want the channel to shape up. Read More »

What we need here is more guns!

While I’m at work this weekend I inevitably see 4 billion tweets and facebook posts revolving around yet another double digit homicide involving firearms.  Apparently someone thought it’d be a great idea to shoot up an elementary school and he killed nearly 30 people. In response to the incident, last night Obama gave a speech in Newton where he spoke ... Read More »

Vin Diesel Friendship Brigade Podcast 1

Primero Uno podcast!  We didn’t have much of an agenda, more or less just got together shot the old shit!  If there are certain things you want us to cover or certain guests to feature, feel free to let us know in the comments.  Otherwise, enjoy! Podcast1Dec13 Read More »

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Breakdown Addendum

If we want to look at the way FPS have evolved, one of the best ways to do that is to examine k/d ratios.  It’s not the only way, but it is significant and interesting to see how k/d has changed over the years.  As I mentioned in the vid, my k/d in BF42 was probably somewhere between 10-20/1 depending ... Read More »