Dark Souls 2: Accessibilized

Yes, I just made that word up and you can quote me.  According to a variety of recent sources, Dark Souls II is supposed to be more accessible and easier to understand.  I don’t doubt that there aren’t a variety of ways to make Dark Souls 2 more user friendly without dumbing it down down, but what exactly do the ... Read More »

Dinner is served!

The results of my first Fried Turkey are in!  The good news is that it turned out pretty well…             DONE that is…bahahahah (tears mixed with laughter inserted here)   Edit: Maybe that’s just the seasoning….   Read More »

In the pipe, 5 by 5.

I’ve got some fun vids coming out lately and as always I’m excited to pull these ideas out of my head and put them on the youtubes/website.  I’ll be throwing up a headphone review of my latest experience between sennheiser pc 360’s and the latest pair of wired astro’s.  In addition to all this, you’ll start to see more FPS ... Read More »

Before we eat, let us commune with the dead

I’m curious to know what other people do around the holidays when it comes to to praying at meals.  As someone who isn’t particularly religious, I feel as though it would be condescending and or rude to pretend that I buy into someone else’s religious beliefs that I in no way share.  Perhaps because I’m not religious I’m also not ... Read More »