TGS Rep Question Form

Update: So I’ve been meaning to update this for a few days but alas I work on the weekends and I’m a busy man at times.  The meat and potatoes is as follows – A TGS Channel Development Coordinator has graciously agreed to take some time out of his busy day to attend a livestream and answer any and all ... Read More »

Initial financial summary

As promised, I’m here to let you guys know what I pulled in for the first few months in order to shed some light on those ambiguous details that everyone always wonders about.  Before I spill the proverbial beans, I want to clarify Total Views, Monetizable Views, and how views work in general.  Firstly, total views are the the total ... Read More »

I already lived through this once!

Is it just me, or does the loot suck big hairy donkey balls in Borderlands 2?  Not only does it seem difficult to come across good loot, it seems difficult to come across loot at all.  As far as I know there doesn’t seem to be any modifier that increases the amount of loot or chests based on how many ... Read More »

WTB WoW Team Members

Having fun with the old WoW’s enough that I’m tossing around the idea of starting my own guild if there’s enough interest.  I was shocked and amazed at the talent/ability of everyone thus far that I’ve grouped with via live streaming so I’m pretty confident that there’s a large group of talent out there waiting to be tapped! Read More »

I love expansions

Especially when they’re WoW expansions.  It means you get to experience blindingly frustrating ineptitude at every turn.  There’s nothing quite like running through a new dungeon with someone via LFD and watching their health deplete as they stand in whatever new flavor of ground based AOE Blizzard has thought up while they die.  Even when you point out, don’t stand ... Read More »